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What are the irreplaceable advantages of high-salt wastewater reuse equipment?

by:Ocpuritech     2021-03-10
What are the irreplaceable advantages of high-salt wastewater reuse equipment? Author: As the people of the world pay attention to environmental protection, high-salt wastewater reuse equipment such products are being mass-produced in order to solve the problem of sewage treatment. In fact, the use of high-salt wastewater reuse equipment can effectively achieve the first-class water quality A standard. The amount of water is also relatively large, the standard type is mainly between 1 and 80, and may need to be calculated separately. Regardless of whether the concentration of raw water is standard or enhanced, it can be effectively decomposed. If the reinforcement is exceeded, it will be calculated separately. In short, the intensity of water removal is still impressive. Corrosion-resistant materials are also selected for material selection, such as stainless steel structure, A3 steel structure and reinforced concrete structure. At present, the process is a relatively mature biological contact oxidation process, and the purpose of sewage cleaning is achieved through seven steps. The construction and operation of high-salt wastewater reuse equipment is very simple, and all equipment adopts automated methods. The device is mostly buried underground, small in size, and adaptable to water quality. In addition, the impact resistance and load performance are also very good, the effluent water quality is stable, and it will not cause sludge expansion. At the same time, the new elastic reverse osmosis filler is used in the sewage treatment process, which is easy for microorganisms to hang the membrane and release the membrane, so that the removal rate of organic matter is extremely high. Of course, according to different scenarios, there are corresponding process preparations. However, it is generally used in biological treatment technology, which can treat sewage through biological decomposition. In daily use, it should be properly maintained and maintained. It can be installed in two ways. The first type is placed above the surface to form an insulating layer. The second layer is buried in the ground, with the depth of burial according to local temperature conditions. The basic average is required, and the level must be level under pressure. The relative height of the foundation and the surface is the same as the height of the equipment. When the equipment is in place, the equipment is filled with water to prevent groundwater from rising and floating. Before use, it is necessary to check whether the electrical appliance is safe and whether the fan oil meets the requirements until it reaches the fully qualified standard. It is important to establish a regular maintenance system. When the fan cannot be moved, the oil should be checked and checked, and the fan inlet should be cleaned frequently. High-salt wastewater reuse equipment has its own characteristics, small footprint and easy integration. It has single-household high-salt wastewater reuse equipment, which can be used in large-scale sewage treatment fields. As the core treatment equipment, it is currently sewage treatment. High-salt wastewater reuse equipment is low-cost and cost-effective.
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