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What are the key and characteristic of landfill leachate technology?

by:Ocpuritech     2021-05-14
What are the key and characteristic of landfill leachate technology? Author: landfill leachate is one of our lives is very common in the wastewater, such waste even more difficult to handle than some industrial wastewater, is this why Here we take a look at what the main features of leachate is?? As a set of physical separation equipment, the DTRO membrane system is very flexible in operation. It can operate continuously or intermittently. The series and parallel modes of the system can also be adjusted to meet the requirements of water quality and quantity. Compared with other processes, the DTRO membrane treatment method is a very beneficial treatment method. The membrane treatment method has a high rejection rate for various impurities such as COD, salt, etc., can remove a lot of impurities, and has a high recovery rate. The membrane permeate is recovered and reused. DTRO landfill leachate treatment equipment can be made into an integrated type, with a small footprint, high degree of automation, easy disassembly and maintenance of the equipment, simple operation, and good economic and environmental benefits. 1. The concentration of COD and BOD is high. COD can even be close to 100,000, while BOD generally has tens of thousands. 2. Higher metal content. The landfill leachate contains more than a dozen metal ions3, and the content of ammonia nitrogen in the landfill leachate is relatively high. The concentration of ammonia nitrogen in landfill leachate wastewater is very high (generally reaching several thousand mg/L), especially the content of ammonia nitrogen in the leachate of the middle and old landfills is higher. 4. The water quality is complex and the water volume changes greatly. The composition of the landfill leachate has a certain correlation with the composition of the waste. Due to the diversity of waste types and components, the composition of the generated landfill leachate is complicated. At the same time, the water volume of the landfill leachate is affected by the nature of the waste, the soil quality of the landfill, and the The influence of meteorological and hydrological conditions.
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