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What are the key and characteristic of marine desalination technology?

by:Ocpuritech     2021-03-21
What are the key and characteristic of marine desalination technology? Author: Marine desalination technology began in the 1950s, to the present technology has matured, for example, distillation, reverse osmosis, electrodialysis, and so on. However, in the current market, distillation and reverse osmosis are more commonly used in the selection of marine seawater desalination methods, mainly considering factors such as ship type, sailing sea area, and water production use. Distillation or reverse osmosis desalination is preferred. . 1. For small surface ships operating offshore, due to the poor quality of offshore waters, the main consideration is the distillation of seawater desalination. 2. For larger surface ships, powered by diesel engines or steam turbines, in order to make full use of the remaining heat, seawater desalination by distillation can be used; for gas turbines, the main energy provided to auxiliary engines is electric energy, mainly using reverse osmosis seawater Dilute. 3. Due to the large amount of fresh water required by conventional steam-powered ships, in order to make full use of steam waste heat, multi-stage flash desalination devices are generally used; nuclear-powered aircraft carriers must strictly control their waste heat emissions in consideration of radiation issues and have sufficient power supply. Generally choose reverse osmosis seawater desalination device. 4. Conventional ships have only electricity, no waste heat and steam energy, and the use of reverse osmosis devices is their only option; for nuclear-powered submarines, reverse osmosis desalination is used as with nuclear-powered aircraft carriers to pre-treat the brine. The above is the content of the comparison and analysis of the marine desalination technology by the editor. I hope it will be helpful to everyone. Only by choosing a suitable desalination technology can the water demand be met.
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