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What are the main advantages of industrial buried sewage equipment?

by:Ocpuritech     2021-04-16
What are the main advantages of industrial underground sewage equipment? Author: industry now buried sewage water treatment equipment industry is a big selling product, and wastewater treatment equipment, sales of industrial equipment buried sewage highest industrial buried sewage device has a small footprint, operating costs The characteristics of low effluent water quality and stable water quality are deeply favored by consumers. So, let us take a look at the superior performance of industrial buried sewage equipment. 1. High pollutant removal rate, strong resistance to sludge expansion, stable and reliable effluent water quality, and almost no suspended matter in the effluent. 2. High degree of automation, can realize automatic or manual control conversion, simple operation, convenient management, stable water quality and direct reuse. The amount of sludge is small, which reduces the cost of surplus sludge treatment. 3. The process flow is simple, the structure is compact, the residence time is short under high volume load, and the floor space is small. 4. The deodorization method of this industrial underground sewage equipment adopts conventional high-altitude exhaust and is also equipped with soil deodorization measures. Remove organic matter and ammonia nitrogen, and improve the load impact resistance of the system. 5. Low operating cost and no secondary pollution. The entire equipment processing system is equipped with a fully automatic electrical control system, which is safe and reliable in operation. It usually does not require special personnel to manage it, and only needs to maintain and maintain the equipment in a timely manner. 6. The whole set of equipment can be buried below the frozen layer or placed on the ground, and the surface above the equipment can be used as greening or other land, without the need for building, heating, and insulation. According to the arrangement of the site, it can be buried underground, parked or greened above, and the investment is greatly reduced. 7. The two-stage biological contact oxidation treatment process adopts plug-flow biological contact oxidation, and its treatment effect is better than that of a complete mixed type or two-stage series complete mixed type biological contact oxidation tank. It has a smaller volume than an activated sludge tank, strong adaptability to water quality, good impact load resistance, stable effluent water quality, and no sludge expansion. The pool adopts a new type of elastic three-dimensional packing, which has a large specific surface area, and is easy for microorganisms to hang on and remove the film. Under the same organic matter loading condition, the removal rate of organic matter is high, and the solubility of oxygen in the air in water can be improved. 8. The biochemical tank adopts the biological contact oxidation method, the volume load of its filler is relatively low, the microorganisms are in their own oxidation stage, and the amount of mud is small. It only needs to discharge the mud once more than 3 to 6 months (using a dung truck to suck or dehydrate it. Mud cakes are shipped abroad). Here is an introduction to the characteristics of industrial underground sewage equipment, and hope that through the introduction of this article, you will have a better understanding of industrial underground sewage equipment. The industrial buried sewage equipment produced by Chengdu Industrial Buried Sewage Equipment Company has a compact structure, a small area, economic operation, strong shock load resistance, high treatment efficiency, and all the performance of the equipment meets the relevant national requirements. I believe it will be your ideal choice. Users are welcome to consult and purchase.
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