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What are the main advantages of integrated industrial water treatment equipment?

by:Ocpuritech     2021-07-07
What are the main advantages of integrated industrial water treatment equipment? Author: With the available water sources increasingly polluted, will allow us to safe drinking water has become less and less. Therefore, direct drinking water equipment has gradually entered people’s lives, but some people say that drinking tap water for so many years is not good? Why buy integrated industrial water purification equipment? In view of this problem, let us take a look together. Is there any use of chemical industry water purification equipment? The advantages of integrated industrial water purification equipment are mainly as follows: 1. Investment saving: saving about 55% of investment, no need to build reservoirs or roof water tanks, using superimposed water supply, Reduce the initial investment of equipment. 2. High efficiency and energy saving, low operating cost: It can make full use of the water supply pressure of the municipal pipe network, how much difference, how much to make up, no negative pressure, compared with traditional water supply equipment, it can save energy by 30%-90%. Power outages can also maintain water pressure in the municipal pipe network. 3. High degree of intelligence, simple operation, and labor saving: The equipment is controlled by a fully automatic intelligent controller, which adjusts itself according to the user's water consumption and the tap water pressure of the pipe network, and is unattended. 4. Environmental protection and sanitation: The equipment is fully enclosed to operate and completely eliminate the secondary pollution of the water source. 5. Complete protection functions: It has perfect automatic protection functions such as overload, short circuit, over voltage, under voltage, phase loss, over current, short circuit, water shortage, etc. Signal alarm, self-check, fault judgment, etc. can be carried out under abnormal conditions. 6. Small footprint and easy installation: The whole set of equipment has only three parts: a water supply control cabinet, a non-negative pressure steady flow tank and a water pump unit. The installation is very simple and convenient. 7. Extend the service life of integrated industrial water treatment equipment: It can reliably realize soft start for multiple pump sets, so that the power grid and pipe network are free from impact, and run in turn, which greatly extends the service life of water pumps and motors. Environmental protection company is a professional pure water equipment production company. The integrated industrial water purification equipment we produce adopts advanced water production technology to ensure the water quality and stable operation of the equipment. Our technical staff will continue to work hard to develop and produce more integrated industrial water purification equipment, and customers are welcome to come and buy.
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