What are the maintenance measures in the use of small and medium-sized industrial EDI pure water equ

What are the maintenance measures in the use of small and medium-sized industrial EDI pure water equipment

by:Ocpuritech     2021-06-20
Small and Medium Industries EDI water equipment during maintenance measure what the article: in the course of small and medium industries in EDI pure water equipment, often the equipment to extend the useful life of equipment routine maintenance, improve equipment efficiency , The maintenance of small and medium-sized industrial EDI pure water equipment includes a lot of things. The equipment flushing and other contents are within the maintenance range of ultra-pure water equipment. So what maintenance measures are there in the use of small and medium-sized industrial EDI pure water equipment? 1. Maintenance of the pre-processor:    1. The quartz sand and activated carbon filter determine the cleaning cycle according to the water quality of the raw water: the raw water is generally tap water once a week (calculated as 7 days), and the raw water is groundwater, river water, well water, etc. In the case of poor conditions, it is generally washed once every three days to ensure that the sediment, impurities, and particles deposited in the pre-processor are removed in time.  2. If the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet of the security filter increases (>0.06Mpa), the filter element must be replaced to ensure the normal operation of the RO device. Recommendation: The filter element must be removed for inspection and cleaned every three days. The replacement cycle of the filter element depends on the quality of the inlet water, and it is generally replaced every 15 days.  3, the softened resin tank should avoid high temperature exposure, and regenerate the resin with the regeneration liquid every 15 days.  2. Maintenance of reverse osmosis equipment unit:   1. Record the various operating parameters of the RO device regularly. Recommendation: Record the operating parameters of the RO device once every two hours.  2. As the operation time increases, sediment will adhere to the surface of the membrane, which will affect the water permeability, so the RO element must be cleaned regularly. If the pressure of each membrane element in the module is found to be greater than 0.1Mpa, it must be cleaned immediately (cleaning is completed by the cleaning system). According to different pollution conditions, targeted treatment measures. For specific cleaning methods, see 'Chemical Cleaning Methods for Reverse Osmosis Membrane'.   3. Regularly check the conductivity meter and pressure gauges regularly to make them work normally and accurately. <  4. Check the electrical control system regularly to ensure that the equipment is operating normally.   5. Regularly check the high pressure pump and RO front pump regularly, and replace the lubricating oil in time according to the maintenance manual. Three: Maintenance during the shutdown of small and medium-sized industrial EDI pure water equipment:    During the equipment shutdown period (national statutory holidays, seasonal shutdowns, plant maintenance, etc.), the maintenance points of the reverse osmosis unit (including the electronic control system and the reverse osmosis membrane) are as follows:   1 , The RO device will be shut down for a short time (no more than three days), and the security filter must be flushed for 30 minutes every day and the RO components must be filled with filtered water.  2. If the RO device is shut down for a long period of time (more than three days), 1% formaldehyde solution should be used to fill the RO components, then close all valves and check once a month. In summer, control the ambient temperature to prevent mildew, and in winter to prevent freezing, add 10-20% glycerin if necessary.  3. It is best to use reverse osmosis fresh water for preservation and use chemical reagent products for formaldehyde.  4. When the reverse osmosis system composed of composite membranes is to be suspended for more than one week, the system should be soaked in 1% NaHSO3 solution to prevent bacteria from multiplying on the membrane surface. The above is the editor’s introduction to the maintenance measures in the use of small and medium-sized industrial EDI pure water equipment. I hope it will be helpful to everyone. Don’t forget the above maintenance measures during use, and of course don’t forget about the EDI system. Don’t miss the methods that can extend the life of the equipment.
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