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What are the precautions for maintenance of industrial desalination equipment?

by:Ocpuritech     2021-04-14
What are the precautions for maintenance of industrial desalination equipment? Author: Our freshwater resources are depleted of access to drinking water sources dwindling. Almost all cities in the coastal areas are facing a shortage of fresh water resources. The shortage of fresh water resources has become an important factor hindering economic development. In the ocean, a treasure house containing infinite energy, water resources are direct and abundant. Therefore, the use of advanced industrial desalination equipment technology and equipment to demand fresh water from the sea has become the main solution to the shortage of fresh water resources. Industrial seawater desalination equipment adopts proprietary technology, so that it can operate at full load within the water temperature range of 2℃-30℃, and will not cause a drop in water production due to temperature reduction, ensuring that users can get rated under any conditions Water production, the following editors need to pay attention to what issues when using industrial desalination equipment. How to maintain desalination equipment: (1) Industrial desalination equipment regularly tests the SDI index. Too high SDI will cause irreversible pollution of the membrane module and shorten the life of the module. (2) Control the recovery rate. The recovery rate is too high. On the one hand, the components of the insoluble salt exceed the solubility product and fouling. On the other hand, the concentrated water flow rate in the component is too low, which is easy to produce concentration polarization and cause fouling, and it is not conducive to colloid in the water. , Suspended solids, etc. are discharged. (3) Pay attention to the pressure difference of the membrane module. The initial pressure difference of the membrane module is very small. If the pressure difference increases quickly, it indicates that the membrane module is contaminated or fouled. The cause must be found and corrected. (4) Pay attention to the changes in the water production and desalination rate of the sea-island desalination equipment, which usually occur at the same time as the pressure difference. If the water production and desalination rate change significantly in a short period of time, it is necessary to check whether the pretreatment system is operating normally, such as whether the dosage is appropriate, whether the filter is leaking, etc. Industrial desalination equipment is suitable for islands, stations and coastal water-scarce cities. It can effectively remove harmful components such as inorganic salts, heavy metal ions, organic bacteria and germs in seawater, and desalinize seawater into high-quality water that meets national drinking water standards. The assembly of industrial desalination equipment is aimed at the seasonal fresh water supply of island residents with lack of fresh water or tourism, as well as the fresh water requirements of remote areas or emergency situations. It can quickly organize production and supply in a short time, with low investment and quick results.
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