What are the precautions for the operation safety management of the integrated glass fiber reinforce

What are the precautions for the operation safety management of the integrated glass fiber reinforced plastic sewage treatment equipment?

by:Ocpuritech     2021-07-05
What are the precautions for the operation safety management of the integrated glass fiber reinforced plastic sewage treatment equipment? Author: my country's various types of wastewater treatment is in the stage of a start, and there is a considerable distance from abroad in recent years, with the increase of the sewage treatment efforts, integrated fiberglass sewage composition is very complex and must undergo a rigorous Treatment will cause serious pollution to the environment. The integrated FRP sewage treatment equipment can effectively treat sewage and meet the discharge standards. The following is an introduction to how to effectively manage the integrated FRP sewage treatment equipment. First, weed out unreasonable products. For some traditional, low-value waste products that are extremely difficult to treat waste water, we should be determined to replace them with high-value, high-tech products. Second, strengthen management and reduce pollution. Enterprise management is also an important factor in the prevention and control of pollution. Such as equipment running, emitting, dripping, and leaking; production accidents or product scrapping caused by not following the operating procedures; large amounts of high-concentration wastewater are produced; large amounts of water are used to flush the equipment and the ground, resulting in an increase in the amount of wastewater; cooling water Failure to achieve “clear and turbid separation” with production wastewater will increase the amount of wastewater and the difficulty of wastewater treatment. Third, the establishment of regional small sewage treatment plants where the factories are concentrated, it is not necessary to apply the principle of “whoever pollutes, whoever controls”, but should strengthen the relationship between various enterprises, and consider the pollution control countermeasures as a whole, and if necessary, and Possibly, the wastewater from various factories can be treated centrally, a unified sewage treatment plant can be established, and the treatment method of 'who pollutes, who pays' is implemented. Fourth, improve the recycling rate of water In order to reduce the amount of waste water, we should first make more fuss about the source of waste water. For example, consider water recycling, or multiple reuse, to improve water recycling rate and minimize external drainage. Fifth, the recycling and comprehensive utilization of pollutants in wastewater are all raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products and reaction media (such as solvents) that enter the water during the production process. In particular, some chemical reactions in the production of fine chemicals are often not very safe. The separation process of the product cannot be very thorough, therefore, a certain amount of useful substances are often contained in the wastewater, especially in the mother liquor of the reaction. Discharging these pollutants will pollute the environment and cause harm. However, if it is recycled or comprehensively utilized, waste can be turned into treasure and harm can be turned into profit; or if waste is used to treat waste, learn from each other's strengths and make comprehensive treatment, it can save the cost of water treatment. The above editor briefly introduces how to effectively manage the integrated glass fiber reinforced plastic sewage treatment equipment for the majority of friends? Help the majority of users and friends to better understand. The environmental protection water treatment equipment company has focused on the production of sewage treatment equipment for more than ten years. It not only provides high-quality equipment, but also provides you with satisfactory pre-sales and after-sales services, so as to solve problems for our friends.
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