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What are the precautions in the operation of industrial integrated sewage treatment equipment?

by:Ocpuritech     2021-04-23
Industrial wastewater treatment equipment integrated operation precautions which the article:? Integrated industrial wastewater treatment equipment is a very environmentally friendly water treatment equipment, which because of its excellent sewage treatment capacity, access to authorized users, many industries Sewage treatment is using industrial integrated sewage treatment equipment. Everyone should know that wastewater treatment equipment adopts advanced biological treatment technology, based on summarizing the operating experience of domestic wastewater treatment equipment at home and abroad, combined with their own scientific research results and engineering practices, designed a complete set of organic Wastewater treatment plant. According to the editor's analysis, throughout the domestic sewage treatment process, phosphorus removal technology has always been a problem that plagues the operation of sewage treatment plants. The main reason for the eutrophication of water bodies is that humans discharge large amounts of ammonia nitrogen and phosphorus into the water bodies. Phosphorus is the main factor in the eutrophication of water bodies. The traditional physicochemical phosphorus removal technology requires a large amount of chemicals, which has the disadvantages of high operating cost and large sludge output; the pre-anaerobic biological phosphorus removal process has the advantage of low operating cost, but it depends on the phosphorus uptake and release of microorganisms. It is difficult to meet the requirements of the national sewage treatment process. When considering the reuse of reclaimed water, it is more difficult to meet the requirements. The production of wastewater treatment equipment solves the above problems. First, the solid matter must be filtered. The technical staff revealed that the filtration work before using the domestic sewage treatment equipment is indispensable. It can effectively prevent a large amount of solid matter in the sewage from entering the processor. And when operating the domestic sewage treatment equipment, cover the manhole to avoid various accidents or solid objects falling into the sewage tank. This will not only affect the effect of the entire sewage treatment, but also block the dredging pipes, and even damage the pump or other related accessories. 2. Safety measures are in place during construction operations When operating domestic sewage treatment equipment, construction personnel cannot ignore safety measures in place. As long as you enter the site, you must wear standard protective equipment, such as gloves or helmets and safety clothes, to protect the personal safety of the construction personnel. 3. Design the water volume of the sewage. Pay attention to the design of the water volume of various sewage, and pay attention to the PH value of the sewage when it enters the industrial integrated sewage treatment equipment. Water quality that is too acid or alkaline will affect the normal growth of biofilms. The water capacity should not exceed the water capacity within the range that can be carried.
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