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What are the problems in rural domestic sewage treatment?

by:Ocpuritech     2021-06-01
What are the problems in the treatment of domestic sewage in rural areas? Author: emit in rural life in a large number of domestic sewage, affecting our beautiful living environment, many places have begun efforts to rural sewage, but in rural sewage treatment, there are still some problems constraining the development of rural sewage lives , So what are the problems in the treatment of rural domestic sewage? 1. Management regulations and institutional systems are not yet complete. At present, the relevant institutional system for the operation and management of rural domestic sewage treatment projects is not yet complete. Some districts and counties have begun to formulate implementation rules for the operation, management and maintenance of rural domestic sewage treatment projects in their jurisdictions, but the municipal rules have not yet been issued. The operation, management and maintenance standards of different districts and counties are different, and the implementation of related policies is also different. These related institutional issues still need to be resolved in a timely manner by the relevant departments. In addition, some areas have formulated the city's water function zoning, and in the management of river water quality, different protection areas have been delineated according to the use of water bodies, and the river water quality standards in each protection area have been clarified. However, the combination of rural domestic sewage discharge standards and river water quality requirements for water function zoning is not close, and the unclear discharge standards also make it difficult to achieve the objectives of operation and management. 2. The management, supervision and assessment mechanism is not perfect. Rural domestic sewage treatment work is assessed at different levels. However, the current assessment focuses on construction rather than management, focusing on assessing the completion rate of target tasks at rural domestic sewage treatment sites, while the assessment content for project operation management is not Not yet involved. In addition, the number of domestic sewage treatment facilities in rural areas is generally large and the locations are scattered. It is difficult for the environmental protection supervision department to comprehensively supervise them, while online monitoring is difficult to fully implement due to high cost and complex technology. Even if the supervision is in place, it is difficult to implement effective restraint measures due to the lack of relevant laws and regulations. 3. Imbalance of management work. Due to the differences in geographic area, number of projects, local financial level, and the importance of leadership, the imbalance in the operation and management of rural domestic sewage treatment projects in each city (county)/district is mainly reflected in: First, operation management The level is unbalanced. The relatively high level of operation and management of districts and counties that are relatively important is relatively high, and the information level 'data collection' management assessment and inspection system and maintenance rules are relatively complete, while the management of other districts and counties is relatively unsatisfactory; Various districts and counties have unbalanced public financial investment, with strong financial resources, and the operation and management of rural domestic sewage treatment projects in districts and counties have a wider coverage; while districts and counties with weak financial resources are not in place, management coverage is low, and some management content has not been carried out[ 19]. 4. The public participation is not high. The publicity of the rural domestic sewage treatment project to the society needs to be strengthened, especially in terms of operation and management. It has failed to use various channels to carry out all-round and multiple forms of effective publicity. The rural domestic sewage treatment project For a long time, the operation and management of the company has been regarded as a matter for the government and industry organizations. This is the end of the introduction about the problems that exist in rural domestic sewage treatment. These problems have seriously affected the development of rural domestic sewage treatment, so that the sewage can not be completely solved, and how to treat rural domestic sewage is getting more and more attention. .
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