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What are the problems sewage treatment process?

by:Ocpuritech     2020-07-27
What are the problems sewage treatment process? Emissions of sewage is urgently needed to solve a problem, sewage discharge not only affect the living environment will cause pollution to water, so the sewage disposal is imminent. At present in urban sewage treatment, research and application are common problem: ( 1) The traditional activated sludge process, often capital expenditure, high operating cost, energy consumption, management more complex, causing sludge bulking phenomenon; Process equipment can not meet the requirements of high efficiency low. ( 2) As the sewage discharge standard is strict, nitrogen, phosphorus and other nutrients in sewage discharge demand is higher, the traditional which has the function of nitrogen and phosphorus wastewater treatment process is given priority to with activated sludge process, more often require multiple anaerobic anaerobic-aerobic reaction pool in series, multistage reaction pool formation, by increasing the inner loop to achieve the purpose of nitrogen and phosphorus, it is bound to increase infrastructure investment cost and energy consumption, and make the operation and management is more complicated. ( 3) The current urban sewage treatment mainly focus on more, large sewage collection system of investment is much higher than the investment of sewage treatment plant itself, so the construction of large sewage treatment plant, the central treatment of sewage, from the point of view of wastewater regeneration recycle is not necessarily the only desirable. Therefore, how to process of the urban sewage treatment equipment toward low energy consumption, high efficiency, less surplus sludge volume, convenient operation management, as well as the realization of phosphorus recovery and processing water reuse and so on in the direction of sustainable development, has become the current water treatment technology research and application fields of mutual interest.
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