What are the reasons for the desalination rate of Guangdong small industrial water purification equi

What are the reasons for the desalination rate of Guangdong small industrial water purification equipment?

by:Ocpuritech     2021-04-09
What are the reasons for the desalination rate of Guangdong small industrial water purification equipment? Author of the article: In recent years, environmental pollution problems have not been solved, more and more small-scale industrial water purification equipment appeared in a variety of production. Small industrial water purification equipment can prepare purified water dedicated to the production of products in industries such as biology, pharmacy, and medical equipment cleaning to meet the demand for high-quality water quality in the production process. High efficiency when using equipment has always been pursued by people. For small industrial water purification equipment, the desalination rate is very important. The desalination rate is the percentage of the concentration of soluble impurities removed from the influent water of the equipment through the reverse osmosis membrane. The desalination rate will be affected by many factors. Introduce the factors of the desalination rate of rigid ultrapure water equipment? 1. Ion valence. The desalination rate increases with the increase of ion valence. The desalination rate of divalent and trivalent salt is also higher than that of monovalent salt. 2 , Raw water temperature, when the raw water temperature rises, due to the decrease of water viscosity, the desalination rate increases 3. The raw water concentration, when the raw water concentration increases, the desalination rate decreases 4. PH value, although the membrane is not easy to block under acidic conditions, the desalination rate must be The drop 5. Dissolved gas, soluble gas in the free state is easy to permeate without removing CO2, SO2, O2, Cl2, H2S, etc. 6. Working pressure, when the working pressure increases, the salt rejection rate will increase but not obvious 7 、Hydrogen bonding trend. For compounds with strong hydrogen bonds, the removal rate is very low, such as water, phenol and ammonia; (It is also because of this that the removal of impurities and dissolved substances in water is achieved to achieve the purpose of separation from other substances. 8. Organic Substances, organic matter in the water has a polluting effect on the membrane. The more organic matter, the more easily the performance of the membrane will deteriorate. 9. The hardness of the water, the higher the hardness of the water, the easier the membrane will be blocked. Reverse osmosis 10, solid particles, solid particles are extremely harmful to the reverse osmosis membrane, and must be pretreated. 11. Microbes, microorganisms and bacteria in the water are harmful to the membrane and must be pretreated (the company adopts super-rate membranes for treatment, It is at an advanced level in the country); 12. Oxides and metal oxides cannot be removed by themselves when entering reverse osmosis. They should be removed by chemical drugs on a regular basis. 13. Molecular size and desalination rate increase with the increase of molecular diameter. About the impact of small industrial water purification equipment This is the introduction of the desalination rate factors. I hope it will be helpful to everyone. Therefore, we must try our best to ensure the desalination rate of small industrial water purification equipment, and also to ensure the safety of the water quality of the small industrial water purification equipment.
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