What are the reasons for the unqualified water output of small and medium-sized boiler softening equ

What are the reasons for the unqualified water output of small and medium-sized boiler softening equipment?

by:Ocpuritech     2021-06-16
Small and medium sized boiler water softening equipment failure, what are the reasons the article:? Small and medium sized boiler softening equipment is the use of strong acid cation resin sodium ions in water quality softening resin used to restore the regenerative cycle is required, it is necessary to use the regeneration Industrial water softening salt. Small and medium-sized boiler softening equipment are equipped with salt absorption equipment. Under normal use according to the instructions, the effluent quality is very qualified. Due to the different prices of boiler water softening equipment on the market, there are also poor quality for its quality. Occasionally, the salt absorption is not smooth or the salt cannot be absorbed, so you need to pay attention to the equipment to prevent the equipment from unqualified. For some merchants who do not have after-sales service, the following reasons are summarized for everyone: 1. Check whether the resin is poisoned. Sometimes the resin is poisoned due to long-term use and high heavy metal content in the water. Slight poisoning can be resuscitated with hydrochloric acid, and severe poisoning is generally not treated and basically discarded. 2. The jet is blocked. 3. The purity of sodium chloride is not enough. This phenomenon is true, which means that the table salt you use is fake, which can be proved by comparing it with the instructions. 4. The filter of the water inlet of the equipment is clogged, or the water distributor is clogged. 5. The inlet water pressure is too low. 6. The internal control valve of the equipment is leaking. 7. The salt valve leaked or blocked the pipeline, and the blockage was not cleared for the equipment in time. Small and medium-sized boiler softening equipment should be installed by professional installers. If problems occur, they should communicate with customer service in a timely manner. Regular after-sales warranty and maintenance are required to ensure normal operation of the equipment. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a reputable equipment company with after-sales guarantee. . In addition to the correct and reasonable use of equipment, the deterioration rate of the resin can be slowed down and reduced, and the service life of the boiler water softening equipment can be effectively improved, and the quality of the water output can be guaranteed.
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