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What are the roles of dissolved oxygen in sewage treatment?

by:Ocpuritech     2021-03-29
What are the roles of dissolved oxygen in sewage treatment? Author of the article: In recent years, environmental awareness is also growing, especially in some industrial wastewater treatment for industrial wastewater treatment equipment should be very familiar with. At present, industrial sewage treatment equipment has penetrated into all walks of life, affecting the quality of our domestic water. Dissolved oxygen plays an important role in sewage treatment, and it is closely related to the partial pressure of oxygen in the air, atmospheric pressure, water temperature and water quality. The content of dissolved oxygen can usually be measured with a dissolved oxygen meter. The following environmental protection will introduce to you the role of dissolved oxygen in sewage treatment. Some compounds in the sewage are biodegraded under the action of aerobic bacteria, and the dissolved oxygen in the water should be consumed. Dissolved oxygen should be maintained at a certain concentration. In the aerobic process of buried domestic sewage treatment equipment, the dissolved oxygen in the water will be continuously supplemented by the dissolved oxygen in the air and the photosynthesis of green aquatic plants. However, when the water body is polluted by organic matter, the oxygen consumption is serious and the dissolved oxygen cannot be supplemented in time. The anaerobic bacteria in the water body will multiply rapidly, and the organic matter will be affected by the sludge due to corruption, water blackening, odor, and sludge metabolism. Bulge phenomenon occurs in filamentous bacteria, reproduction affects the purification effect, but also controls the dissolved oxygen concentration. If it is too high, the oxygen transfer rate will decrease, and the power cost of the buried sewage treatment equipment will increase, resulting in the oxidation of activated sludge and affecting flocculation Settlement effect. Under natural conditions, the oxygen content in the air does not change much, and the water temperature is the main factor. The lower the water temperature, the higher the dissolved oxygen content in the water. The molecular oxygen dissolved in water is called dissolved oxygen, expressed as milligrams of oxygen per liter of water. The amount of dissolved oxygen in water is an indicator of water self-purification ability. Dissolved oxygen value is the basis for studying the self-purification ability of water bodies. Generally, the dissolved concentration should be maintained at 2mg/L, the activated sludge can be maintained in a good state, and the treatment effect will be in a good state.
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