What are the small details that should be paid attention to during the operation of the zero dischar

What are the small details that should be paid attention to during the operation of the zero discharge equipment of slaughterhouse?

by:Ocpuritech     2021-04-25
What are the small details that should be paid attention to during the operation of the zero discharge equipment of slaughterhouse? Author of the article: In recent years, higher living standards, some of the slaughter plants have sprung up, based on an increase in the slaughter plant wastewater also increased. The zero discharge equipment of slaughterhouse wastewater is a kind of equipment that mainly treats the common wastewater in our lives. Generally, we are rarely fortunate to see it, because this kind of equipment needs to be installed in advance before the completion of the building, and with the current wastewater treatment With the development of equipment technology, the feature that the equipment can be buried is also very popular among users. Therefore, it is also expected that we do not see it frequently in our lives. What are the precautions for the user in the process of using the zero discharge equipment of slaughterhouse wastewater? The following is an analysis of the precautions for using the zero discharge equipment of slaughterhouse wastewater. 1. Develop a good awareness of environmental protection. When we use zero-discharge wastewater equipment in slaughterhouses, we should not let waste water control and control just because of the installation of wastewater equipment. Such a backward environmental awareness will not only cause a heavy load on the equipment, but also be detrimental to the development of the company’s own culture. Although the equipment can solve the problem of wastewater treatment, if our company can start from itself, reduce the generation of wastewater at the source, and cultivate Good environmental awareness, this is a win-win situation. 2. Standardize the use of equipment. In fact, the zero-discharge equipment for wastewater in the slaughterhouse is far less simple than the square box we have seen. The processes and procedures involved are all internal. In order to make the complicated procedures easy for enterprises to control and use, wastewater treatment Equipment manufacturers have simplified their designs. Therefore, when companies use equipment, they should strictly follow the specifications. Because we know that even the most advanced and sophisticated equipment must master the correct method of use to achieve the effect. Therefore, I remind everyone: We should send someone to understand the general process of the installation of the zero-discharge slaughterhouse wastewater equipment, and carefully study the use specifications from the installer. Secondly, companies should have a clear understanding of the content and composition of the wastewater they produce, and at the same time should always pay attention to changes in the city's wastewater discharge standards, and test the samples at the wastewater collection port. 3. Regular maintenance and testing equipment. If the slaughter plant's zero-discharge wastewater equipment does not operate smoothly, it will cause trouble to all links. In severe cases, the government will order rectification if the pollution discharge is not up to standard. Therefore, the company needs to regularly repair the testing equipment during use, and observe whether each component is operating normally. Once any abnormality is found, the installation unit should be consulted, and if necessary, take the shutdown to wait for the maintenance staff.
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