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What are the specific technical characteristics stainless steel ultrapure water equipment?

by:Ocpuritech     2020-06-02
With China's rapid economic development in recent years, the stainless steel ultrapure water process equipment constantly improve, open the industry production development the new situation. Many enterprises in the process of production have different requirement for water quality purity, is widely applied. Today let's together to learn about the stainless steel ultrapure water equipment what are specific characteristics: a, continuous regenerative continuous regeneration alternative intermittent renewable, it is no longer need to standby ion exchange equipment. Each module can be independent for chemical cleaning, the rest of the module can bear the short-term high traffic. Second, the installation fast, convenient module to replace stainless steel ultrapure water equipment up to 7 days to complete, installation and debugging for five days to complete. Installation to the formal operation cycle is short. Common life is higher than 3 - module Five years; Convenient storage backup module. The periphery of the aluminum plate can good protection module, pipes and food from being damaged. Third, mobile, cover an area of an area small stainless steel ultrapure water compared with the mixed bed equipment system under the condition of the same flow capacity area is much smaller, which is about 1/10. Consider for the customer the design is by eliminating the huge renewable and waste water neutralization system and computer storage. Stainless steel ultrapure water equipment can be in different places back new mobile, flexible and convenient. Four, convenient operation, automatic stainless steel ultrapure water equipment control adopts intelligent control system, the operation is simple. All fault automatic detection, system screen can display in a timely manner. Systems to protect themselves, special circumstances can effectively avoid the damage of equipment. Membrane system is equipped with on-line automatic cleaning system, according to the operation of the automatic online cleaning. Five, the recovery rate is higher if the hardness of water less than 1 PPM in CaCo3, recovery rate can reach 90 - 95%; About 300 - C chamber of wastewater concentration 400 us/cm, from close to neutral. The ministry water reuse can be placed in the top grade RO system; If the hardness of water more than 1 PPM of CaCo3 can produce scale formation in C chamber, thus affecting work. In this case, enter the stainless steel ultrapure water equipment before the process to adjust to lower hardness. High hardness softener water recommended. Six, process optimization, low cost stainless steel ultrapure water equipment process is usually carried out by ion exchange resin for making, but with ion exchange resins usually requires regular resin regeneration, consuming material resources and waste of human, our company after many years of practice, at the same time, combined with the new membrane separation technology, reverse osmosis and ion exchange system is often used to ( Or EDI) Used for preparation of ultrapure water, combining the technology compared with traditional technology possesses the advantages of low operating costs ( The regeneration of the ion exchanger cycle greatly extended) And reliable operation. The above is the stainless steel six advantages in ultrapure water equipment. The m company has been focusing on water treatment services, the excellent and efficient service team, to provide you with high quality environmental steward one-stop service.
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