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What are the technological advantages of landfill leachate treatment?

by:Ocpuritech     2021-05-14
What are the technological advantages of landfill leachate treatment? Author: leachate complex components, common wastewater treatment process less than ideal treatment effect, so all kinds of water treatment equipment company by understanding the characteristics of landfill leachate, landfill leachate treatment technology research and development in line with actual demand, to meet industry needs . The landfill leachate contains a large amount of organic matter, suspended matter, ammonia nitrogen, heavy metal ions, and pathogenic bacteria. Ordinary process technology cannot effectively treat the wastewater. The water treatment equipment company depends on the actual landfill leachate to be treated. Features, designing the waste leachate treatment process, fully realized the technical advantages of low pressure operation, pollution resistance, corrosion resistance, etc., and has been effectively applied in the waste leachate wastewater treatment project. Advantages of landfill leachate treatment process: 1. To meet the characteristics of large changes in water volume, the process design needs to leave enough margin. 2. Strong resistance to impact load of water quality, and the leachate water quality fluctuates greatly, so the landfill leachate treatment process has very strong resistance to impact load. 3. High COD and BOD removal ability. The COD concentration of landfill leachate varies widely, up to 80,000 mg/L, or even higher. Therefore, the treatment process needs to have extremely high organic pollutant removal ability. 4. High ammonia nitrogen treatment capacity. The ammonia nitrogen concentration of the leachate generally ranges from hundreds to thousands of mg/L, and is generally considered to be around 1500-3000 mg/L. But it can be as high as about 4000mg/L. The treatment process is required to have a high ammonia nitrogen removal rate. 5. Reduce secondary pollution as much as possible. Landfill leachate deposits on the surface or deep underground is very harmful to the environment, so it must be effectively treated. The treatment process of landfill leachate needs to be carefully selected. The advantages of mature and complete landfill leachate water treatment technology are worth the choice of those who need it. .
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