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What are the technological characteristics of the island desalination unit?

by:Ocpuritech     2021-04-25
What are the technological characteristics of the island desalination unit? Author: statistics show that my country's total of more than 10,000 islands. Among them, there are nearly 500 islands with permanent residents. Except for 208 islands that rely on mainland pipelines for water diversion, ship drinking water and desalination, the remaining 270 islands with residents are generally short of water or severely short of water, and islands without residents are even more short. Water or anhydrous. What is gratifying is that in recent years, as the country's attention to marine undertakings continues to increase, the topic of seawater desalination and island water supply safety has gradually moved to a strategic level and has been widely included in various plans at all levels. If further comprehensive utilization, the desalinated brine is used for salt production and chemical extraction, the desalination cost can also be greatly reduced. As for some productive process water, such as power plant boiler water, due to higher water quality requirements, tap water needs to be reprocessed. At this time, its comprehensive cost will be much higher than the one-time treatment cost of seawater desalination. Technical features of island desalination equipment: 1. Island desalination equipment uses patented technology, and the terminal adopts ultra-clean membrane reverse osmosis technology to treat water quality to compensate for the easy clogging of RO membranes, short service life, and high later operation and maintenance costs Disadvantages. 2. The pre-treatment adopts mesh filtration, prefiltration, active material adsorption, microfiltration, and magnetized descaling system for treatment, which greatly reduces the turbidity and hardness of the water, reduces the workload of the filter membrane terminal treatment system, and prolongs the service life of the equipment . 3. Use a powerful sterilizer for sterilization and disinfection, supplemented by activation magnetization, so that the water quality is completely aseptic, while reducing water molecular clusters, enhancing water solubility, penetration and active dissolved oxygen, and improving water quality and taste. Ensure that the water quality exceeds the national direct drinking water standard. 4. The frame and medium container of the industrial desalination device on the island are made of standard 304 stainless steel, which is luxurious and high-grade as a whole, demonstrating high-grade strength. Some containers are made of double-layer materials, which are high-strength and corrosion-resistant, ensuring that the whole machine is free from water seepage and rust within 20 years.
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