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What are the technological steps for the treatment of leachate in a domestic waste landfill?

by:Ocpuritech     2021-03-28
What are the technological steps for the treatment of leachate in a domestic waste landfill? Author: landfill leachate treatment belonging to the field of wastewater treatment, composition and complexity, can be as low biodegradability. As a result, the treatment of landfill leachate is difficult and the process is complicated. The editor of Chengdu Water Treatment Equipment will introduce to you what are the process steps for leachate treatment in domestic waste landfills? 1. The landfill leachate enters the grid/grid through the leachate inlet, and enters the collection tank after pretreatment to obtain the pretreated landfill leachate. 2. The pre-treated landfill leachate is sequentially subjected to pre-denitrification in the first-level anoxic tank, aerobic treatment in the aerobic tank, and endogenous denitrification in the second-level anoxic tank to obtain the endogenous Denitrification effluent, part of the endogenous denitrification effluent passes through the return outlet and the mixed liquid return pump, and returns for pre-denitrification, and part passes through the water outlet and enters the first MBR system for first MBR treatment to obtain the first MBR effluent And the first MBR sludge, the first MBR sludge part is returned through the sludge return port and the sludge return pump for aerobic treatment, and the remaining sludge enters the sludge dewatering after passing through the sludge outlet and the first remaining sludge pump The system performs sludge dewatering. 3. The obtained first MBR effluent enters the intermediate tank and then enters the screening system for membrane screening to obtain high-concentration wastewater containing macromolecular organics and low-concentration wastewater containing small molecular organics. 4. The obtained high-concentration wastewater containing macromolecular organics enters the macromolecule electrocatalytic oxidation device to perform macromolecule electrocatalytic oxidation to obtain macromolecule electrocatalytic oxidation wastewater. The preoxidized wastewater of the macromolecule electrocatalytic oxidation wastewater is pre-oxidized. The oxidation outlet is refluxed for pre-denitrification. 5. The obtained low-concentration wastewater containing small-molecule organics enters the small-molecule electro-catalytic oxidation device to perform small-molecule electro-catalytic oxidation to obtain small-molecule electro-catalytic oxidation wastewater. The small-molecule electro-catalytic oxidation wastewater enters the disinfection tank for disinfection Discharge through the discharge port.
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