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What are the uses of laboratory ultrapure water machines?

by:Ocpuritech     2021-04-30
What are the uses of laboratory ultrapure water machines? Author: With the advancement of technology, many projects are very strict demand for water, such as scientific research need to use water in the course of the study, some of the impurities in the water for more sensitive, especially heavy metals. Therefore, laboratory ultra-pure water machines have appeared on the market, so what is the main purpose of laboratory ultra-pure water machines? Today, the editor of environmental protection will take you to find out. Main uses of ultrapure water: 1. Water for animal and plant cell culture 2. Water for various medical biochemical analyzers, analyzers, and hemodialysis machines 3. Water for analysis reagents and drug configuration dilution 4. Water for physiology, pathology and toxicology experiments 5. Purified water and high-purity water for hospitals, pharmaceutical preparation rooms and central laboratories 6. Water for atomic absorption spectroscopy 7. Water for test tube babies 8. Water for various high performance liquid chromatography and ion chromatography 9. Water for other various laboratories and medicine .  The main process of laboratory ultrapure water machine  It is well known that natural water usually contains many magazines, such as ions, organic matter, particles and microorganisms. The function of the laboratory ultrapure water machine is to remove these magazines and turn the water into pure water for experiments.   At present, the commonly used process methods for water purification include distillation, reverse osmosis, ion exchange, filtration, adsorption, and ultraviolet oxidation. The ultrapure water machine can generally divide the water purification process into 4 major steps, pretreatment (low-level purification), reverse osmosis (production of pure water), ion exchange (production of 18.2mΩ.cm ultrapure water) and terminal Treatment (production of ultra-pure water that meets special requirements).   The above is the environmental protection editor's explanation about the use of laboratory ultrapure water machines. If you don't understand, please come to consult us.
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