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What do industries need to pay attention to when processing sewage?

by:Ocpuritech     2021-04-16
What do industries need to pay attention to when processing sewage? Author: Our heavy industry is relatively developed, rapid economic development will produce large amounts of waste water, and sewage and give our lives a lot of influence. Therefore, in order to prevent water pollution and promote sewage treatment, what should enterprises pay attention to when treating sewage? Let's take a look at the precautions of enterprise sewage treatment. 1. When the sewage treated by sewage treatment equipment contains highly toxic substances, such as heavy metals, radioactive substances, high-concentration phenols, cyanogens, etc., it should be separated from other sewage to facilitate the treatment and recovery of useful substances. 2. Some sewage with large flow and light pollution should not be discharged into the sewer, so as not to increase the burden on urban sewers and sewage treatment plants. Such sewage can be properly treated in the plant to achieve recycling. 3. The best way to prevent the generation of toxic and harmful sewage is to reform the production process, such as replacing toxic materials with non-toxic materials or products. If this is not possible, reasonable technological processes and equipment can be adopted in the production process, and strict operation and supervision should be implemented to minimize the amount of loss. 4. Some biodegradable toxic wastewater, such as phenol and cyanide wastewater, can be discharged into urban sewers according to the discharge standards after being treated in the plant, and be treated by the sewage treatment plant for bio-oxidation degradation; the toxic polluted wastewater that is difficult to biodegrade, no It should be discharged into urban sewers and sent to a sewage treatment plant, but should be treated separately. All of the above problems require special attention during sewage treatment. If you do not pay attention to these problems, it will cause greater pollution to the water quality.
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