What factors should be considered when choosing an industrial sewage equipment treatment manufacture

What factors should be considered when choosing an industrial sewage equipment treatment manufacturer?

by:Ocpuritech     2021-03-17
Select industrial wastewater treatment equipment manufacturers to consider what factors does the article:? Industrial sewage equipment selection is a complicated systematic project, it is necessary to be considered for each factor in the choice, a variety of programs of economic and technical comparison, In-depth research is needed to choose the ideal technological process that is advanced, feasible, and economical. So what factors should be considered when choosing an industrial sewage equipment manufacturer? 1. Formality: If an industrial sewage equipment manufacturer is not formal If it is, the quality cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, the industrial sewage equipment treatment factory can be small, but it must be formal and must have complete documents. Therefore, when choosing an industrial sewage equipment treatment factory, you must check the company’s business license. It also depends on the company's investment in the production line and the selection of equipment materials. The quality of industrial sewage equipment is very demanding and must have equipment that meets the requirements of the standard and is environmentally friendly in order to process smoothly. 2. Configuration details of industrial sewage equipment: We should shop around when purchasing, carefully compare the differences between their quotation details, mainly to compare the choice of component brands, especially reverse osmosis membrane, EDI, high pressure Pumps, electronic control systems, and resins are key components, so we can check relevant information online before purchasing. 3. Water requirements: The equipment industry for ultra-pure water is highly pertinent, and there is a large gap in the preparation process of different industries. The preparation processes of different products in the same industry are roughly the same. Before purchasing, we must understand the water requirements and water source quality of our industry. , You can also mail source water samples to relevant manufacturers for water quality testing, accurately analyze water components, and prepare for determining the process system. 4. Installation: During the on-site installation and commissioning of industrial sewage equipment, try to keep records of the key components of the equipment, such as the brand, model, production date, material certificate, and certificate of conformity. The authenticity of the brand can be verified through relevant channels to prevent manufacturers from appearing inferior. Good phenomenon. 5. Clarify the contract payment method: The contract payment method can be negotiated by both parties. Due to the relatively high cost of ultrapure water equipment, regular manufacturers generally promise a one-year warranty period, and keep 5%-10% of the total equipment price during the warranty period. Warranty money. 6. Company qualification: After determining the target manufacturer, we can conduct an in-depth investigation on the manufacturer’s qualification strength, including the manufacturer’s hardware facilities (factory, office environment, manufacturing equipment, business qualification), software facilities (brand awareness, customer satisfaction) Degree, successful cases, honors and qualifications), etc.
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