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What food water-recovery equipment is the irreplaceable advantage?

by:Ocpuritech     2020-08-09
What food water-recovery equipment is the irreplaceable advantage? Our country in recent years in terms of food waste water reuse did a lot of technology research, and has set up a file in the some food production, obtain good effect. Food water-recovery equipment has mature technology, to ensure that meet the corresponding design standards, can reduce the project cost, save operating cost, and convenient maintenance, convenient process, rational layout, decorate a beautiful and harmonious. So, food water-recovery equipment specific what are the advantages? Food water-recovery equipment technical advantages: 1, use a special process, the system has the characteristics of high efficiency water saving, environmental protection save electricity use high-density clarifier, many media filters, ultrafiltration system device, softening system device, curve micro power system device combined technology of membrane separation on the system of water reuse, improve the utilization rate of water and to energy recovery of strong water, reduce the system energy consumption. 2, the unique water reuse is special film, suitable for all kinds of water quality, make the system more stable system with wide port, resistance to pollution of water reuse is special membrane, poor with low pressure, easy to clean, wide adaptation, and the advantages of long operation period, and the system configuration of chemical cleaning system, can ensure the long-term stable operation. 3, the recovery rate is as high as 90% ~ 95%, strong water emissions less 4, superior performance of the system module can be set up between the comprehensive on-line or off-line monitoring system, and equipped with multi-function POD online detector, reaction system operation at any time, guarantee the water quality. 5, highly automated design, simple operation and reduce labor costs more than food water-recovery equipment is the advantages of technology introduction, hope to help you, want to learn more about wastewater zero discharge of industry technology, pay attention to our website, there are new information updated every day!
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