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What is mobile desalination device pretreatment process characteristics?

by:Ocpuritech     2020-06-07
Portable surface seawater desalination device is the purpose of the pretreatment to remove particles existing in the mud, colloid, impurities such as microorganisms, to ensure that the reverse osmosis system can run stably for a long term. In seawater pretreatment process design after pretreatment of seawater quality should meet the requirements of reverse osmosis membrane element of water quality. Portable desalination devices process have? Coagulation filtration coagulation filtration to remove water suspension colloid, impurities, lower turbidity. Due to water than major, pH value is higher, the project chooses FeCl3 as coagulant, dosing quantity in 1 - 2mg/L。 The mixer mixing, colloidal impurities in iron salts and water form a larger alum flowers, then through mechanical filter, make water quality pollution index ( SDI15) Less than 5, turbidity is less than 1. Remove residual chlorine dosing and prevent reverse osmosis membrane fouling free chlorine and other antioxidants in heavy water can reduce the performance of the reverse osmosis membrane element, so water must be controlled before into the reverse osmosis membrane free chlorine & lt; 0. 1mg/L。 Through the metering pump plus 1. 5 - 2 mg/L sodium bisulfite, residual chlorine and sodium bisulfite reaction in water, acid and neutral salt formation, thereby eliminating the influence of residual chlorine of reverse osmosis membrane. Sea water contains high concentrations of Ca2 +, magnesium 2 + and HCO3 - 、SO42- Plasma, in the process of reverse osmosis desalination, is concentrated seawater, easy in the reverse osmosis membrane surface precipitation formation of refractory inorganic salts. According to the raw water quality and water recovery, reverse osmosis unit calculation index, discriminant scale precipitation trend, in front of the sea water into the reverse osmosis unit adding scale inhibitors. Security filtering in portable desalination devices before setting, in order to protect the high pressure pump, security filter are energy recovery device and the safety of the membrane element operation for a long time. According to filter water security design and calculation of the specifications of the filter and filter precision, configure security filter. Seawater desalination equipment through some practical and effective and simple method for seawater desalination, back into drinking water, will not only ease people's health problems of drinking water, agricultural irrigation and industrial production problems, to alleviate this situation of fresh water in our country also has the extremely positive significance.
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