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What is power plant wastewater reuse treatment equipment technical characteristics?

by:Ocpuritech     2020-07-18
What is power plant wastewater reuse treatment equipment technical characteristics? Power plant wastewater reuse treatment equipment mature technology, continuous innovation, with strong ability to resist impact load, and reached the nitrogen and phosphorus removal and the effect of aeration evenly, the average residence time of contact oxidation process can be known more than 6 hours. Power plant wastewater reuse treatment equipment based on production to provide excellent sealing performance, in order to realize effective wastewater treatment and environmental protection. Compared with the general sewage treatment technology, power plant wastewater reuse treatment equipment has several advantages and distinctive characteristics. 1, due to the porosity of porous ceramic particles filler, compared with other microcapsules, and other forms of carrier, microcapsule wastewater degradation of water increases. 2, because the support sewage ceramic filter operation, from bottom to top of air and sewage, good gas dispersion and high oxygen transfer efficiency. 3, older than the ceramic filter sewage sludge, contact oxidation, less sludge produced, less sludge and waste water contact area is large, melting characteristics. 4, filter, filter out the waste water produced in the process of flocculation and decomposition, reduce oxidation process, provide better results. 5, sewage of ceramic filter along the direction of flow of a packed bed layer and has high water activity, therefore has a good stability and low temperature operation, and impact load. 6 power plant wastewater reuse treatment equipment, low cost, low cost wastewater reuse treatment equipment of power plant, the oxidation decomposition, the secondary precipitation process can be omitted, reduce construction cost. 7, micro high emission concentration plant wastewater reuse treatment equipment filter forming filler particles, fine water concentration of fine water to survive and grow, increasing processor instead of biofilm will provide a good environment, the normal and stable operation. , Naomi prompt you: environmental wastewater treatment equipment is introduced here, welcome interested parties focus on our website, the above will be updated dynamically, need equipment can contact us!
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