What is the impact of non-standard operation on industrial reverse osmosis pure water treatment equi

What is the impact of non-standard operation on industrial reverse osmosis pure water treatment equipment?

by:Ocpuritech     2021-06-30
What is the impact of non-standard operation on industrial reverse osmosis pure water treatment equipment? Author: industrial reverse osmosis water treatment equipment fully automated control, and therefore easily overlooked supervisor on duty to individual sectors, so as to face the losses caused by mistakes, affecting the normal operation of the production line. Common mistakes in industrial reverse osmosis pure water treatment equipment: (1) Ignore the removal level of organic matter in the influent water and the microbial detection of the influent and concentrated water of the system. The change of microorganisms on the membrane element is a long-term accumulation and gradual process, and when pollution occurs In the early stage, it will be easier and more thorough if it is cleaned in time than in the later stage. The lack of effective monitoring and cleaning measures will directly lead to the loss of control of the pollution situation in the later stage. It is also a feasible optimization and adjustment method to arrange regular targeted preventive cleaning according to the growth and change law of organic matter and microorganisms. (2) One-sided belief that the online electronic meter data on the equipment system, especially the flow data, is often inaccurate, which directly affects the accuracy of the judgment of the attenuation of the water production and delays the favorable opportunity for cleaning selection. Cleaning is not performed at the initial stage of clogging caused by pollution, but it is too late to clean after clogging has caused more serious filter performance degradation, and the effectiveness of cleaning recovery performance is greatly reduced. The method of optimization and adjustment is that the operator develops observation eyesight, combined with the intuitive method of hose diversion and discharge timing, and frequently observes, calculates, and compares the changes in the flow of produced water and concentrated water. (3) Operators have irregular requirements for details, and lack of effective supervision to correct and cultivate good operating habits, resulting in frequent failure to obtain low-pressure water injection, flushing, maintenance and maintenance when the system start and stop pressure changes, which directly affects the external winding of the membrane element. The epoxy material is damaged and cracked, reducing the service life of the film. This requires managers to have experience, follow up and check the details of the operation in strict accordance with the operation requirements, and strengthen the assessment of personnel. (4) The dosage and concentration of various reagents for reverse osmosis influent water dosing lack supervision and adjustment, and even seasonally affected by water temperature and temperature changes, the flow rate varies by more than 30%, and the dosing concentration remains unchanged. In addition, the output flow rate of the metering pump per unit time is unchanged. Accuracy and temporary replacement of different types of metering pumps also lack supervision and verification, which will also cause reagents to pollute the membrane. To sum up, although the equipment is fully automatic operation, it also needs to pay special attention to some typical problems and carry out regular maintenance to improve the operating effect of the industrial reverse osmosis pure water treatment equipment and ensure that it does not affect the stable operation of the production line.
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