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What is the pretreatment method of common heavy metal wastewater treatment equipment?

by:Ocpuritech     2021-04-10
Common heavy metal wastewater treatment facility pretreatment method is how the article:? Heavy metal waste water is the most serious environmental pollution and human health hazards one of the largest industrial wastewater, water quality and water quantity related to the production process. The primary method of heavy metal pollution control is the production process, using no or less toxic heavy metals; the second is to adopt reasonable process, scientific management and operation to reduce the amount of heavy metals and the amount of waste water lost, and to minimize the amount of discharged waste water.  The treatment mode of the precipitation method of heavy metal wastewater treatment equipment in environmental protection is 'heavy metal wastewater + precipitant → sedimentThe essence is that the heavy metals in the heavy metal wastewater generally cannot be decomposed and destroyed, and can only move their location and change their physical and chemical forms. Including neutralization precipitation, chelation precipitation, sulfide precipitation, etc. 1. Neutralization and precipitation method '' Neutralization and precipitation method is to add alkali neutralizer to heavy metal wastewater, so that heavy metal ions in the wastewater form hydroxides or carbonates with less solubility to precipitate and remove them. Its best applicable objects are acid-base wastewater and heavy metal ions in the solution after treatment. Its advantage is simple operation. The disadvantage is that the amount of sediment is large, the water content is high, the secondary pollution is more serious, and it is difficult for some ions to meet the emission standards. 2. The chelating precipitation method in DTCR uses the characteristics of DTCR containing a large number of polar groups to capture heavy metal cations in sewage under natural conditions, and precipitates out after the formation of a large number of insoluble chelates, so as to achieve capture The purpose of removing heavy metal ions. The chelating precipitation method has many advantages such as mature technology and simple operation, and is widely used in industries such as electronics and electroplating.
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