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What is the secret of small and medium-sized industrial ultrapure water equipment?

by:Ocpuritech     2020-08-04
What is the secret of small and medium-sized industrial ultrapure water equipment? In recent years, in order to guarantee the sustainable development of economy in our country, pollution is becoming more and more serious, the quality of tap water is short of industrial production and domestic water. Ease of contemporary water quality, so small and medium-sized industrial ultrapure water equipment sales are growing, but the equipment after using for a long time, if you don't pay attention to maintenance, can fail, then we need to repair equipment. Today to take you to see how small and medium-sized industrial ultrapure water equipment maintenance? 1, the maintenance time, equipment maintenance time from starting to use. Use after the start, clean once every six months on average, in order to realize the good maintenance. 2, replace the filter and replace filter equipment for once a year to two years. 3, cleaning, cleaning equipment, cleaning equipment can be used to clean equipment, and regular cleaning equipment can strengthen the protection of equipment filter. 4, alkaline reagents usually can be used to wipe the device. Alkaline reagents can neutralize some acidic impurity, improve the effect of water purification, prolong the service life of equipment. 5, eduction parts on a regular basis. These components are called filters, spacer, etc. Regular cleaning can avoid the congestion and ensure the sewage flow smoothly. 6, add lubricating oil can improve the operation efficiency of equipment in a timely manner. The sensitive response of equipment can reduce the possibility of friction and close, and extend the service life of equipment. 7, replacement of equipment lubricating oil: open the inside of the motor seal chamber and oil hole screw, to release all lubricants in the sealed cavity and motor, change new oil, to ensure normal operation of the lubrication system. 8, check the equipment of damageable parts: submersible pump impeller, buckle, bushing, bearing damageable parts, etc. 9, remove the pump casing to prevent rust: before using spring, remove the top of the pump shell, rotating impeller, and then restart the startup and burned motor to prevent rusting parts.
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