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What is the standard of selection of laboratory water purification equipment?

by:Ocpuritech     2020-05-29
Laboratory water demand is relatively high, so the laboratory water purification equipment has been widely used, the laboratory water purification equipment manufacturer and type of equipment is also more and more. For users, how to choose a suitable in all sorts of equipment product your own equipment? What are the standard laboratory water purification equipment? 1, what is the process of using laboratory water purification equipment required? At this stage can be divided into six about system requirements, pretreatment, reverse osmosis, water tank, Yang, Yin bed, mixed bed, purified water, pure water pump, uv sterilizer, refined mixed bed, precision filter, water object. 2, be clear water system time is probably how many? Carefully speaking also includes water running time, hours, average and peak value of the four specific data. These need to historical data or empirical data. In addition, the user need continuous water supply? Need to choose single valve dual pot or double with double bed series, otherwise choose single valve tank system. 3, to undertake choosing according to the source water water is the municipal tap water, groundwater and surface water sources, including the need to provide equipment area source water quality. For processing water equipment, reduce the water cycle system. Or lead to regeneration frequently, will be adverse to the service life of the resin. To avoid the problem, should increase the volume of resin, this means that to choose the size of the equipment. 4, to analysis the flow unit water this is determined according to the nature and the requirements of user equipment, in the selected standard models of laboratory water purification equipment. The periodic output amount of fabricated water from 5, according to the specific circumstances set after purified water equipment in the laboratory model set, depending on the size of equipment used resin exchange work can determine the periodic output amount of fabricated water from theory. With the use of pure water is more and more widely, how to choose a more suitable for laboratory water purification equipment, become more focused on by the user. The standard of the purified water for laboratory equipment, according to these standards can be selected in accordance with specific standard laboratory water purification equipment, welcome to see.
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