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What is the use and value of coal chemical wastewater reuse?

by:Ocpuritech     2021-03-29
What is the use and value of coal chemical wastewater reuse? Author of the article: In recent years, water shortages and pollution of environmental pressures, restricting the development of economic and social development. Therefore, various industrial enterprises and municipal sewage plants have tried to start advanced sewage treatment and coal chemical wastewater reuse in order to realize the utilization of sewage resources, better protect the environment, and solve water problems. At present, the treatment technology of reclaimed water can be roughly divided into biochemical method, chemical method, physicochemical method, ecological treatment method and membrane biology method. Regarding the treatment of reclaimed water, a single method cannot be used to achieve the reuse standard. The current engineering and research are mainly in the optimization combination of various processes. The new progress of the combined process is reviewed, and the development direction of the reclaimed water treatment process is prospected. For the reuse of coal chemical wastewater, the first consideration is the place where the reuse is used. Industrial enterprise water use occasions include: circulating cooling water, boiler water, process water, flushing water, etc. Municipal water mainly includes: drinking water, greening water, landscape water, etc. These water quality standards generally include two main and comprehensive indicators: turbidity/suspended solids (ss) and salt content (TDS). It is understood that there are three treatment methods for coal chemical wastewater due to different purposes: 1. One is to treat it to drinking water standards and directly reuse it in daily life, that is, to realize the direct recycling of water resources. This treatment method is suitable for Areas where water resources are extremely scarce, but the investment is high, and the process is complicated; 2. The other is to treat it to the standard of non-drinking water, which is mainly used for water that does not directly contact the human body, such as toilet flushing, floor cleaning, and car cleaning , Greening sprinkling, fire fighting, general industrial water, etc. This is the usual way of reclaimed water treatment. 3. In industry, the coal chemical wastewater reuse technology can be used to reprocess the industrial wastewater that meets the effluent standard. Generally, softeners, RO, EDI/mixed bed and other equipment are added to make it softened water, purified water, and ultra-pure water. The water level can be recycled and reused in industry to achieve the purpose of saving capital and protecting the environment. On the one hand, the reuse of coal chemical wastewater can alleviate the pressure of water shortages in our country, and provide water sources for agriculture, industry, production and domestic water, so that water resources can be fully utilized. On the other hand, it can effectively reduce the harm of unreasonable discharge of sewage to natural water bodies and human health, greatly reduce the investment in sewage treatment, and exert certain economic and social benefits.
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