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What issues must you pay attention to when purchasing reverse osmosis purified water equipment?

by:Ocpuritech     2021-03-16
What issues must you pay attention to when purchasing reverse osmosis purified water equipment? Author: With the urban water pollution is serious, urban water there is a pungent taste, add a lot of bleach and chlorine, the other in the course of transmission through long-lost due to a pipe leading to the repair aging water pipes, secondary pollution, water quality is not reliable. This has also led to the rise of reverse osmosis pure water equipment, but the equipment on the market is uneven, so it is necessary to choose a high-quality reverse osmosis pure water equipment. 1. Security can be seen from the following aspects: The first is the security of technology and technology to ensure that the required goals are met. The second is the safety of the various components of the reverse osmosis purified water equipment, and there should be no harmful dissolution. 2. Pipeline materials Since reverse osmosis pure water equipment will flow through various pipes and filter materials, from water in to water, the materials of these pipes and filter materials must be controlled to avoid adding new harmful secondary pollutants to the water. 3. Alarm system When the equipment fails, there must be an alarm system to prevent water from entering the treatment section. 4. Materials for reverse osmosis purified water equipment Usually stainless steel plates are used as equipment materials. Wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant materials, will not rust, and can avoid the problem of corrosion of general materials in contact with water during the production of water. 5. Equipment production capacity required by users According to the output of water, the equipment can be divided into small computers, medium-sized computers and mainframes. Of course, the larger the size of the equipment, the higher the price. 6. Water quality monitoring Water quality monitoring is an important guarantee for water quality. High-quality pure water instruments must include real-time online conductivity (resistivity) detectors and temperature monitoring. 7. Microbial indicators (bacteria) Microbial contamination is often overlooked. Once microbial contamination occurs, it will quickly spread to the entire pure water system and gradually form a bacterial film that is difficult to remove. 8. Simple and convenient to use Whether the instrument is convenient to use is an important indicator of the quality of the instrument. 9. After-sales service Unlike other industrial products, reverse osmosis purified water equipment requires regular maintenance to ensure the quality of the effluent water and achieve a normal service life. Except for the product itself, whether consumers have purchased qualified after-sales service is very different. After the product is sold, whether to maintain a good record, regularly remind consumers to cooperate, do a good job in maintenance and other details, try to choose an environmentally friendly water treatment equipment company that has all aspects guaranteed
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