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What issues should be paid attention to in smart desalination equipment?

by:Ocpuritech     2021-04-01
Smart desalination equipment need to pay attention to what issues the article:? In recent years, with the increasing economic level, the lack of water phenomenon has gradually attracted people's attention. Some coastal areas are replaced by seawater, but the seawater must be treated before it can be used. Everyone chooses intelligent desalination equipment to treat the seawater, and the treated pure water is used in industry and life. Therefore, intelligent desalination equipment has become popular. So what should you pay attention to before installation? This is to put everyone in a trapped state. Let us take a look at this problem. The precautions for intelligent seawater desalination equipment mainly include the following points: 1. The site address should be surveyed before design. The layout of some seawater collection pipelines is often adapted to local conditions. Therefore, before designing structures that match the equipment, prepare the seawater treatment site Site selection and site survey are very important. 2. Selection of equipment lifting pump Some impurities in the seawater are easy to pass through the grille, but they are easy to accumulate at the pump impeller until the pump is completely blocked. Therefore, when choosing a pump that is not easy to be blocked, it is also necessary to consider a corrosion-resistant pump. 3. For the setting and selection of various pipeline fittings, attention should be paid to the type and model of solenoid valve, especially the sealing performance of solenoid valve. Check valves should be set at appropriate positions in the water pipeline according to the specific conditions of different water stations. 4. The size and spacing of the internal parts in the equipment room and the direction of the pipeline in the equipment room should be fully considered. At the same time, the convenience of equipment maintenance and disassembly should be considered. 5. The design of automation program. Intelligent desalination equipment requires unattended operation, so the automatic control program of the equipment is required to be high. The equipment should be able to automatically resume normal operation when the power supply is restored after a power failure. Through the above introduction, do you have a general direction on the issue of installing intelligent desalination equipment?
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