What kind of maintenance does the automatic stainless steel pure water equipment usually need to do

What kind of maintenance does the automatic stainless steel pure water equipment usually need to do?

by:Ocpuritech     2021-04-10
What kind of maintenance does the automatic stainless steel pure water equipment usually need to do? Author: automatic stainless steel water equipment consists of three parts water installations, water tanks, ultra-pure water equipment. Among them, since the automatic stainless steel pure water equipment handles the most pollutants, it is more necessary to carry out regular maintenance. If maintenance is not carried out, it will add a great burden to the subsequent automatic stainless steel pure water equipment. It may even contaminate the entire water purification system. In order to be able to refine ultrapure water while maintaining the stability of water quality, it is very important to develop a maintenance plan and regularly maintain the water purification system. 1. Maintenance of ion exchange resin When using an ion exchange column, the functional groups of the ion exchange resin and the ions in the influent water are continuously replaced, and the removal capacity is continuously reduced, so it is necessary to regenerate the functional groups on a regular basis. The processing capacity (exchange capacity) of an ion exchange resin refers to the equivalent of exchange groups that can be replaced per 1ml of wet resin (unit is MEQ/ml. For example, an ion exchange resin with an exchange capacity of 1meq/ml can exchange approximately 50g of CaCo3. China) The hardness of the tap water is 30-200 mg/f (the water quality standard of tap water is below 450 mg/l). It can be concluded that using 2meq/ml ion exchange resin 5L, using tap water from China as the inlet water, theoretically it can be calculated Treating thousands of liters of water. But because the water contains salts other than carbonates and free carbonic acid similar to Ca Co3, and some acidic organic matter in the water will adhere to the surface of the functional groups of the ion exchange resin, these will cause the exchange capacity to decrease. Generally speaking, it can handle about 1,000[. Influent water. Generally, a conductivity detector is attached to the ion exchange column. When the conductivity rises to 1µS/cm, the ion exchange column should be replaced with a new one. Therefore, during use, due to the great difference in the quality of the influent water, pay attention to the replacement of the ion exchange column according to the change in the quality of the produced water. 2. The maintenance of the distiller is in the distiller, the boiler and the heater are due to the hard water part of the inlet water. (Mg, Ca, etc.) are more prone to fouling. In order to remove the structure, it is necessary to clean the boiler and heater with acid on a regular basis. Otherwise, as the adhesion of the structure increases, the heat exchange rate will be reduced and the power consumption will be reduced. The increase in the amount of purified water decreases. Moreover, due to the difference in thermal expansion rate, the heater may be damaged and the maintenance cost may increase. In order to prevent this from happening, it is best to use an ion exchanger for treatment in the pre-distillation stage. Of course, ion The management of the exchanger is also very necessary. In addition, the purified product water is stored in the water tank of the distiller. After long-term use, the inside of the water tank may sometimes be corroded due to the growth of microorganisms. Therefore, it is also necessary to treat the distiller. The water tank is cleaned regularly. 3. The maintenance of RO-EDI automatic pure water equipment. The commonly used purification column in pre-filtration is generally a purification column filled with activated carbon to remove larger particles in the influent. And chlorine. The purification column for pre-filtration has a low removal capacity, and only needs to replace the activated carbon during maintenance, which has better maintainability.
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