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What kind of sewage can be treated by the integrated sewage treatment equipment?

by:Ocpuritech     2021-07-13
What kind of sewage can be treated by the integrated sewage treatment equipment? Author: Our rapid industrial development in recent years, a variety of the plant where they stand, these will have the sewage plant operations every day, in order to protect the environment to prevent the worsening water pollution, the relevant government departments around the sewage plant emissions regulations must go through sewage treatment equipment After the treatment reaches the emission standard, it can be discharged. For the following industries, the composition of sewage is complex and the treatment is difficult. Can the use of integrated sewage treatment equipment really treat the sewage to the standard discharge standard? Let us understand it together. 1. Sewage produced after metal smelting. The sewage after metal smelting contains a large amount of suspended solids, which is the sewage with the most pollutants. 2. Sewage from mechanical processing. The sewage produced by mechanical processing contains many metal ions in waste liquid and washing wastewater. These metal ions are highly toxic in nature and spread widely. If you are not careful, they may cause poisoning. Therefore, we need to focus on processing. 3. Sewage produced by chemical enterprises. The composition of chemical products is complex, and the discharged sewage is also diverse, most of which are highly toxic and are not easy to be purified. They have a certain accumulation effect in organisms. They also have obvious oxygen-consuming properties in water bodies, which easily deteriorate water quality. , So it needs to be processed. 4. Sewage from papermaking. The non-fibrous part of the final raw material discharged from the paper industry will become the black liquor of papermaking. These black liquors contain odorous and highly polluting substances, which require treatment to reduce environmental pollution. Although the sewage of these industries has its own characteristics, it is difficult to treat, but the sewage treatment equipment is used for treatment, and the water quality meets the prescribed discharge standards. In addition, sewage treatment equipment can also be used for sewage in the food processing industry, aquaculture, and catering industries. As long as the user chooses the right equipment manufacturer and purchases good integrated sewage treatment equipment, the sewage discharge problem will be solved.
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