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What kind of waste water will be produced during electroplating production?

by:Ocpuritech     2021-03-25
What kind of waste water will be produced during electroplating production? Author: processing from the process point of view, electroplating factory wastewater output includes the following aspects: the plating pretreatment, rinsing, cleaning condensation, since during the processing tank together with the management and eventually lead to inappropriate Liquid leakage, etc. The cyanide contained in the electroplating cleaning wastewater accounts for 70% of the total flow. When the wastewater from the electroplating stage is used to process metal objects, the staff will use the “electroplating” method to improve the process flow. This method can oxidize the metal surface and play a protective role. The frequently used methods include nickel plating and plating. Copper and zinc plating, etc., some metal parts need to be derusted. In order to fully integrate the plated parts with the equipment, workers need to remove the paint on the metal surface before electroplating, and use hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid and other solutions on the surface of the metal. The oxidized rust part is derusted and the attached acid residues are cleaned up. In this way, a large amount of rusted metal will be formed by the action of sulfuric acid and hydrochloric acid, after a series of chemical reactions, to form heavy metal ions and exist in the treated wastewater. Wastewater in the electroplating process The metal objects need to be cleaned continuously during the electroplating process. During the cleaning process, a large amount of metal objects will be produced, and the cleaning water contains many active agents and brights that chemically react with heavy metal salts. After a series of reactions between the cleaning agent and the metal in the cleaning solution, many heavy metal ions in the metal object begin to precipitate, thereby forming electroplating wastewater. After long-term use of the waste electroplating solution, the active ingredients in the electroplating solution have reacted with heavy metal ions and are continuously consumed. Over a long period of time, the effective ingredients in the electroplating solution will decrease, and the impurities will continue to accumulate, which finally leads to the plating solution Cannot be used, can only be discarded. At this time, the electroplating solution contains a large amount of heavy metal ions, which can only be discharged after special treatment, otherwise it will have a serious impact on the ecological environment. Other waste electroplating wastewater is part of the electroplating waste liquid, and there are many other waste liquids. For example, when the unqualified products are deplated, waste liquid will be formed; in the process of electroplating, if the electroplating process is Leakage of some equipment will also form waste liquid; this part cannot be ignored during waste liquid treatment. If it is discharged without unified treatment, it will cause great damage to the ecological environment. The above is the introduction of what kind of wastewater will be produced by the electroplating plant. I hope it will be helpful to you. I want to know more about the industry technology of zero discharge of wastewater. Pay attention to our website. There are new information updates every day!
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