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What kind of water purifier brand will be eliminated in the 2019 water purification industry?

by:Ocpuritech     2019-04-17

Time is up to 2018, the competition in the water purifier industry is getting more and more fierce, and the industry has entered the stage of shuffling. At this stage, it is destined to eliminate many small and medium-sized brands; then the stronger brands will become bigger and bigger, and will occupy more markets.

So what kind of brand will be eliminated?

First, the intelligent water purifier will eliminate the traditional water purifier

The intelligent water purifier is compared with a traditional water purifier. It is simpler and more convenient. In fact, the intelligent water purifier is also a transformation of the traditional water purifier. But added functionality. A smart chip installed in the water purifier, which can transmit water quality data remotely. For example, testing water quality data, replacing filter elements, and after-sales maintenance. You can view it in real time on your mobile phone. But traditional clean water requires people to look in front of the water purifier. In contrast, smart water purifiers are more convenient.

Second, the new model will replace the old water purifier mode.

The traditional water purifier mode, it is to sell one to earn one. After the water purifier is sold out, the water heater is the consumer, and all the after-sales problems are the consumers themselves. Protect all the things after the filter is sold and spend money on its own. Moreover, the price of the water purifier is also expensive, and at least 3,000 or more water purifiers are required.

The new smart water purifier appears later. Traditional water purifiers are very challenging. The price of the new model has dropped a lot. He only has 1/3 of the traditional water purifier. There is now a monthly smart water purifier. The initial installation fee is only 198 yuan, and then you can experience it for free for one month. The renewal fee will cost two dollars a day. And after replacing the filter cartridges, all the manufacturers are responsible.

Compared with the traditional water purifier, the smart water purifier not only saves a lot of money, but also has no after-sales. This brings a lot of convenience to consumers. Assume that if you choose, one is 3,000 yuan, and all of them are responsible for the after-sales service. The other one only needs 198 yuan, and then there are only two yuan left for one day. All the filter cores don’t need to be sold afterwards. Which one will you choose? Water, the result is obvious

Third, the middlemen die, consumers and manufacturers are integrated in one platform.

The emergence of WeChat makes it easier for manufacturers and consumers to communicate. Intelligent water purifiers, through the WeChat, consumers and manufacturers are unified to the WeChat public platform. If there is any problem, you can communicate directly. If the consumer has after-sales problems, they can directly talk to the manufacturer, or they can solve the problem directly. Not only can manufacturers understand the trends of consumers for the first time, but they can also solve problems first. Not only the following middlemen, but also bring better service to customers.

Nowadays, the market is changing rapidly. It is no help to rely on one's own efforts to build technology or cost. The competition between agents has turned into competition from manufacturers. Because agents can't have any loyalty to brand owners, they always see which brands have money to make, and they will quickly turn into another brand. As a manufacturer, as a brand, if you want to survive in such a fierce environment, you must first understand the trends of consumers and launch the strategy of market competition in the first time. In order to quickly gain a foothold and develop.

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