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What method is used to treat acidic wastewater?

by:Ocpuritech     2021-03-26
What method is used to treat acid wastewater? Author: acid-containing wastewater contains certain acids and waste water PH value of less than 6. Acid-containing wastewater can be divided into inorganic acid wastewater and organic acid wastewater, strong acid wastewater and weak acid wastewater, mono-acid wastewater and poly-acid wastewater, low-concentration acid wastewater and high-concentration acid wastewater. Generally, acid-containing wastewater contains not only certain acids, but also harmful substances such as heavy metal ions and salts. So, what method is used to treat acid-containing wastewater? Environmentally friendly weak acid cation exchange treatment: Waste acid and spent alkali alternately pass through weak acid cation exchange resin. When the acid passes through, the resin is converted to H type (R-Na+HCl_-H+NaCI) to remove the acid in the waste liquid. When the alkali passes through, the weak acid resin releases H+, neutralizes the alkaline substances in the waste liquid, and converts the resin into a salt form (R-H+NaOH_r-Na+H2O), so that the treated acid can be recovered without reduction use. Alkaline wastewater basically meets the discharge standards. This method has been applied in my country since the 1980s, with good results. The emission qualification rate is 95%. In order to ensure that the discharge pH value is qualified, the working exchange capacity of the weak acid resin can only be used about 70% to prevent the leakage of H+ or OH-. Environmentally friendly weak acid and weak base ion exchange treatment: After the weak acid ion exchanger, connect the weak base anion exchanger in series to absorb H+ or OH- leaked from the weak acid resin layer, and use the working exchange capacity of the weak acid ion exchange resin to make the pH of the discharged liquid completely consistent standard. In addition, the acidic wastewater is discharged into the gray water of the hydraulic ash conveying system of the thermal power plant to neutralize the alkaline substances in the gray water. The alkaline wastewater is used as the water for the drip trap of the wet venturi. Absorb sulfur dioxide in the flue gas.
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