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What principle is vacuum freeze desalination technology?

by:Ocpuritech     2020-06-08
Desalination processing refers to remove the excess salt and minerals in the water to get fresh water process. At present, the world's installed applications mainly include multi-stage flash desalination membrane method, multi-effect evaporation and reverse osmosis, half a century has to feed the world's population of more than 100 million, promoted the arid desert regions and coastal economic and social development in the developed countries. But today we are going to understand is vacuum freeze desalination method. Method of vacuum freeze desalination process including degassing, precooling, evaporation crystallization, ice crystals of steps, such as washing, steam condensation for desalination of aquatic products can meet the national drinking water standards, is an ideal method of desalination. Freezing method, namely the frozen sea ice, at the same time in the liquid into solid ice sea salt is separated out. Freezing method and distillation are difficult to overcome the disadvantages of, will consume large amounts of energy of distillation and produce large scale in instrument, the fresh water doesn't taste good, hard to use. Freeze desalination process of precooling, seawater after degassing and drain of concentrated brine evaporation crystallizer and desalinated water to produce heat, precooling near to the freezing point of water. Freezing method of the degassing due to seawater desalination dissolve some no non-condensable gas under the condition of low pressure will almost all of the release, and won't be condensed in the condenser. This will increase system pressure, make the evaporation crystallizer internal pressure is higher than two phase point pressure, destroy the operation. Seawater triple point is to make the sea water vapor, liquid and solid phase coexistence and balance of a particular point. If the pressure or temperature deviation from the triple point, balance is broken, meet three automatic tend to be a phase or two phase. Vacuum freezing method use triple point principle of sea water desalination, water itself as refrigerant, make the water evaporation and freezing at the same time, ice crystals again after the separation, washing and get a low-cost desalinated water dilution method. Compared with the method of distillation, membrane desalination, freeze desalination method of low energy consumption, corrosion and scaling is light, simple pretreatment, small equipment investment, and can handle the high salinity of seawater, is an ideal method of desalination.
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