What should be paid attention to in the process technology of integrated sewage purification equipme

What should be paid attention to in the process technology of integrated sewage purification equipment?

by:Ocpuritech     2021-07-06
What should be paid attention to in the process technology of integrated sewage purification equipment? Author of the article: Now, to promote the rapid development of environmental protection industry, more and more companies to purchase integrated wastewater treatment plants, but many small partners learned wastewater treatment equipment is long-term product placement, it saw no need to waste water treatment equipment maintenance Maintenance, environmental protection, here is a reminder that although wastewater treatment equipment is a long-term storage product, we cannot guarantee that the wastewater will always meet the standard during the long-term operation of the equipment to treat wastewater. Sources and characteristics of industrial sewage: In the industrial production process, there are many processes that are prone to produce sewage, such as: blast condensation, desulfurization, and ammonia removal. Industrial wastewater contains a large amount of phenol and ammonia, as well as pollutants such as tar, phenol, cyanide, sulfide, and COD, which are highly toxic. If effective measures are not used to treat sewage, the quality of the soil will be reduced, causing unpredictable negative effects on the environment. The main characteristics of industrial wastewater are as follows. First, it is difficult to be degraded. Industrial wastewater contains a large amount of organic matter, such as quinoline, isoquinoline, and biphenyl. The structure of these organic matter is extremely stable and difficult to be degraded, which brings huge difficulties to the treatment of industrial wastewater. Second, the color is deep and the degree of contamination is high. When the industry is in production, certain wastes can be generated in all links, which are integrated into industrial sewage. This results in a complex composition of industrial wastewater, and various pollutants are mixed together, making it particularly dirty. Third, the pollution components are complex. The industrial production process is very complex, with multiple production links. Pollutants are produced in these environments. These pollutants are concentrated in sewage and have complex components, which greatly increases the difficulty of sewage treatment and raises the requirements for sewage treatment technology. Advantages of industrial sewage treatment equipment: 1. Buried below the surface, the surface above the equipment can be used as greening or other land, without the need for building houses, heating, and insulation. 2 The secondary biological contact oxidation treatment process adopts the plug-flow biological contact oxidation, and its treatment effect is better than that of the complete mixed type or the two-level series complete mixed type biological contact oxidation tank. It has a smaller volume than an activated sludge tank, a strong usability for water quality, good impact load resistance, stable effluent water quality, and no sludge expansion. The new type of elastic three-dimensional filler is used in the pool, which has a large specific surface area, and is easy for microorganisms to hang the film and demould. Under the same organic load condition, the removal rate of organic matter is high, and the solubility of oxygen in the air in water can be improved. 3. The biochemical tank adopts the biological contact oxidation method, the volume load of the filler is relatively low, the microorganisms are in the self-oxidation stage, and the mud production is small, and it only needs to discharge mud once more than three months (90 days). The deodorization method of the equipment is not only the conventional high-altitude exhaust, but also soil deodorization measures. 5. The entire equipment processing system is equipped with a fully automatic electrical control system and equipment failure alarm system, which is safe and reliable in operation. Usually, there is no need for special personnel to manage, and only need to maintain and maintain the equipment in a timely manner. The integrated sewage purification equipment produced by the environmental protection company, with the continuous advancement of technology, meets the professional chemical sewage water demand. The company has always placed the interests of customers first, reducing customer maintenance costs and delaying the service life of the equipment. New and old customers are welcome Of purchase.
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