What should be paid attention to in the use and maintenance of industrial buried sewage treatment eq

What should be paid attention to in the use and maintenance of industrial buried sewage treatment equipment?

by:Ocpuritech     2021-04-16
What should be paid attention to in the use and maintenance of industrial buried sewage treatment equipment? Author: Newer sewage treatment equipment on the market, will be buried industry integrated wastewater treatment equipment, buried under the surface, the surface above the device can be used as green or other land, not housing, and heating and insulation, whole Automatic control, no personnel management, no sludge return, simple operation and convenient maintenance. Wide application range and good treatment effect. If you do not pay attention to the use of industrial underground sewage treatment equipment, many problems will occur. These problems may damage the underground sewage treatment equipment. What are the precautions when using the underground sewage treatment equipment? 1. Startup When buried sewage treatment equipment, check the circuit, whether the wiring of the control cabinet is correct, and whether the voltage and current meet the requirements. 2. Buried sewage treatment equipment water pump adopts anti-clogging tearing submersible sewage pump. The control of two water pumps is completed by the microcomputer by detecting the liquid level in the sewage tank, and it starts when the liquid level reaches the working water level from low to high. For the working pump, if the liquid level continues to rise to the warning level, turn off the working pump and start the fan to check whether the direction of rotation is correct, and do not reverse. 3. When there is less sewage in the regulating tank and the liquid level is lower than the start level of the pump, both pumps stop working. At this time, in order to allow the normal growth of the biofilm in the sewage treatment equipment, the fan adopts intermittent start and starts for 10 minutes. Stop for half an hour to run automatically. 4. The sludge discharge control of the sedimentation tank, the solenoid valve air lift sludge discharge or the sludge pump lift the sludge discharge, the sludge discharge cycle is 8 hours, and the sludge discharge time is 8 minutes. When air stripping, the two fans start at the same time to ensure the supply of air volume. 5. The fan and water pump adopt automatic alternate operation control, and the alternate switching time is 4 hours. 6. The underground sewage treatment equipment control center arranges the working procedures in the micro cabinet in one time according to the design. Manual control is through the key switch on the panel, and the submersible sewage pump, fan, etc. are manually controlled to turn on and off. There are few precautions for the use of buried sewage treatment equipment. The buried sewage treatment equipment is buried in the ground and does not occupy the surface area. It is welcomed by many places. The buried sewage treatment equipment is in It may not be put into use immediately after purchase, so it is necessary to understand how the buried sewage treatment equipment is preserved. If the equipment is used for a long time without paying attention to maintenance, the life of the equipment will be reduced. The following environmental protection teaches you how to maintain the industrial buried sewage treatment equipment. 1. It must be noted that no large solid matter in the sewage enters the equipment, so as not to block the pipes and orifices and damage the water pump. 2. The manhole of the equipment must be well covered to prevent accidents or falling into large solid materials. 3. The pH value of the sewage entering the buried sewage treatment equipment must be between 6-9. The acidity and alkalinity will affect the normal growth of biofilm. 4. The fan of buried sewage treatment equipment generally needs to change the oil once about 6 months to improve the service life of the fan. 5. The air inlet of the fan must be unblocked.
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