What should be paid attention to when purchasing pharmaceutical sewage treatment equipment in Shangh

What should be paid attention to when purchasing pharmaceutical sewage treatment equipment in Shanghai

by:Ocpuritech     2021-05-17
In Shanghai Pharmaceutical to buy sewage treatment equipment should pay attention to what matters author of the article: reasons we do not care for the environment, the environmental pollution of our lives now more and more serious, especially the sewage problem, it is now the problem of sewage treatment of the more Paying more attention to it, pharmaceutical wastewater is also one of the important sources that affect our environment. Nowadays, water treatment on the market is also developing rapidly. Now various pharmaceutical sewage treatment equipment appears on the market and is more and more recognized and welcomed. But what details should be paid attention to when purchasing pharmaceutical sewage treatment equipment? 1. Pay attention to the choice of a water treatment system solution company, including project design, water treatment equipment supply and installation, and other first-war manufacturers. 2. Pay attention to its scale, such as registered capital, year of establishment, number of employees, industry status and corporate honors, etc. I believe that a company with these honors will also be a good manufacturer that is honest and pragmatic to customers! 3. Material of pharmaceutical sewage equipment. Under the same process conditions, the prices of different equipment materials often vary greatly. Commonly used materials are glass fiber reinforced plastic and carbon steel; 4. Learn more about their cases. No matter how good the equipment manufacturers say about their equipment and how advanced the technology is, buyers should ask them to provide previous cases. Facts are better than eloquence, and a good case is better than multiple investigations. 5. It is better to visit their factory in person. In order to avoid wrangling, a one-stop service company is preferred. 6. Agreement on drainage water quality. The quality of the drainage water is different, the selected process will be different, and the difference in the price of the equipment will be reflected in the equipment. 7. Determine the budget. The budget should be determined according to the actual situation of sewage discharge. Do not pursue large and complete equipment. Practical and effective equipment is the better choice. At the same time, don't choose cheap ones because of low prices. The quality and performance of equipment are the key to choosing equipment. 8. Whether the wearing parts are matched, don't delay the construction period of the project because of a small part. 9. Before buying, compare some equipment manufacturers, sign a contract and indicate the payment process. Choose a few more suppliers for reference, and then make a comprehensive comparison of factors such as their use of technology, successful cases, and prices. The above is an introduction to environmental protection on the details of what to pay attention to when purchasing pharmaceutical wastewater treatment equipment. Many people generally only care about price, specifications and other issues when purchasing equipment, but ignore product quality, performance, and after-sales issues. But these points are more important in use.
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