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What should be paid attention to when starting industrial purified water equipment?

by:Ocpuritech     2021-04-13
What should be paid attention to when starting industrial purified water equipment? Author: With economic growth, the quality of water is also rising, water should be used everywhere, so you need to use industrial water purification equipment, the use of inappropriate if the start, daily water consumption will also be affected. First, check the circuit of the industrial purified water equipment to see whether the voltage and current meet the equipment requirements, whether the wiring of the control cabinet meets the requirements, and whether the control cabinet still needs to control the fan and the submersible sewage pump. It also has an automatic alarm function. When the equipment fails, an automatic alarm can be realized. At the same time, check the pump for leakage and water absorption to understand that the pump pipeline is usually not blocked. If the water flow is relatively small, the pump will automatically stop running when the liquid level is lower than the pump requirement. At this time, in order to keep the reverse osmosis membrane of the industrial purified water equipment active, the fan needs to be started intermittently, running for about half an hour, and suspended for two hours. In order to control the amount of sludge discharged by the equipment, manual sludge discharge of the equipment is usually set up. The fan or water pump can be used alternately to control, and the set time is 24 hours. It can reduce people's workload and easily achieve the effect of pure water treatment. Industrial purified water equipment is usually made of stainless steel, carbon steel and polyethylene. The first is to achieve industry emission standards by layering the equipment. The biggest advantage of industrial purified water equipment is that it can be embedded in a safe way during installation. This kind of equipment has many advantages. It is usually equipped with a fully automatic electrical control system and an alarm forecasting system to make the equipment operation safer and more reliable. Generally speaking, it does not require professionals to observe or operate. When using, only need to maintain the equipment. Second, it is more convenient to install and adopt an overall shape. During the installation process, the entire process can be handed over to the manufacturer. Only the final check of the installation result is required. At the same time, due to the use of high-tech processing technology, the microorganisms are at a level of oxidation, so the final sludge output is relatively small. According to calculations, the sludge is generally discharged once every three months, and the noise during operation is very small to avoid secondary pollution.
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