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When handling waste leachate needs to pay attention to what?

by:Ocpuritech     2020-07-19
When handling waste leachate needs to pay attention to what? Garbage leachate is a kind of organic wastewater, difficult and other urban sewage and garbage leachate properties changing so it is difficult to handle, we are in the building of the garbage leachate treatment engineering also should follow the relevant processing rules, so as to achieve the goal of qualified emissions. Let's learn about dealing with waste leachate with need to pay attention to what? 1, water, and the seasonal changes of water quality of garbage leachate treatment of water quantity and water quality change with the seasons. In general, the rainy season is from may to October each year, the dry season is November to April. The amount of water in the rainy season and dry season almost doubled, the rainy season of pollutants concentration is much higher than the dry season. In the process of operation should be different water quantity and water quality change response plan. 2 if disposed of the rubbish landfill leachate, anaerobic system equipment adopts UASB anaerobic system process, in the process of running should avoid large water quantity and water load effect, to ensure the stability of UASB process system. At the same time, the water should be paid attention to, timely monitoring of the anaerobic effluent, handle in time. 3, supplementary carbon source due to emissions standards for the landfill pollution control standard ( GB 16889 - 2008). The total nitrogen emission standard is less than 40 mg/L. Therefore, the project design and run the secondary biochemical system, based on the actual water quantity and water quality, the water adjust carbon source reflux ratio and standard to ensure the system total water yield. 4, membrane system running processing waste leachate system mainly includes the ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis system. According to water quality, the water film pressure operation parameters, such as timely repair and maintenance, regular cleaning and maintenance, the system can long-term and stable operation. 5, the safe operation of the waste leachate treatment station the main processing unit shall set up toxic or harmful gases ( Methane and hydrogen sulfide) Concentration detection alarm device, and hung signs, adjust the slot and anaerobic system should be set of methane and hydrogen sulfide, and alarm device, sludge dewatering room should be equipped with hydrogen sulfide detection alarm device, and regularly check the related detection alarm device.
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