When was Double-layer filter established?
Is the electroplating processing industry still long in China? What is the trend of electroplating factory in the future? Metal repair cold welding machine (mold repair cold welding machine) is widely used in automobiles,Home appliances,Plastic Electronics,Foundry industry,Mold Manufacturing,Hydraulic power,Aerospace,Railway locomotives,Machining,Equipment maintenance and other industries.Metal repair cold welding machine (mold repair cold welding machine) does not produce thermal deformation in use,No cracks,No hardening,Repair at normal temperature,Does not affect the mechanical processing performance,Can enter the driving,Milling,Planing,Grinding,Later processing such as polishing and electroplating.The adaptation range and typical application of metal defect repair cold welding machine: 1. repair of electric crankshaft, shaft sleeve, bearing bush, electrical components and resistors in the ship and power industry,Welding of the connection between the electric railway locomotive wheel and the bottom line t

Guangzhou Aomi Water Purification System Manufacture Co., Ltd. works with partners around the world to achieve common goals. Get an offer! The Domestic Quality Manufacturer of Double-layer filter Supported by advanced technology, Aomi has a great breakthrough in the comprehensive competitiveness of deionized water system, as shown in the following aspects. Aomi is committed to producing quality Double-layer filter and providing comprehensive and reasonable solutions for customers.

How many impurities such as microbial slime in circulating cooling water system need to be cleaned up by the filter? The filter element of stainless steel can be cleaned online, and the accuracy needs 100um.
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