Which Filter professional manufacturer company doing OBM?
Guangzhou Aomi Water Purification System Manufacture Co., Ltd. owns a large independent factory to manufacture ro machine. Looking forward to the future, Aomi will provide products that meet market demand and services that are up to market standards. We also expand the market with innovations. We carry forward the enterprise spirit of 'integrity, hard work, perfection'. We take a proactively approach to promote healthy and optimistic brand culture, so as to build a first-class brand within the industry. Aomi's ultrafilter has been widely used in many industries. Aomi's products are well received in the market. The following are the best-selling products of frp tank series. Its quality is guaranteed by a team of people who are dedicated to improving the whole the quality control system. Ocpuritech water treatment machines can guarantee the health and hygiene of the water. Professional and thoughtful customer services are provided by our company. Easy installation can be guaranteed by Ocpuritech. our team hopes to cooperate with you for a win-win situation. If interested, please contact us.

Industrial Washing Machine 15 kg-70 kg industrial washing machine price? What you call industrial and household,In general, there are household washing machines and industrial washing machines. what is the difference between industrial washing machines and household washing machines? 1. the appearance of industrial washing machines and household washing machines is different.The housing of the general industrial washing machine is cold plate or stainless steel,Stainless steel inner liner,The housing of the household washing machine is generally a plastic synthetic material,The inner liner is made of plastic or synthetic materials.2. the capacity of industrial washing machines and household washing machines is different.The capacity of general industrial washing machines is 30 ~ 300,The capacity of the household washing machine is 1 ~ About 6 kg.The capacity of industrial washing machines is much larger than that of household washing machines.Except for family use,General Factory,Hotel,Hotel,Hospital,The colle

What are the features and what are the uses of the filter media? Filtering is a very common method of physical processing,Used to remove insoluble substances in liquid.Since the solid matter in the liquid is often a matter of some particles that are fine, Infiniti-shaped, sticky and soft, and easy to block the holes of the filter cloth,Such as filtering alone,It is often difficult to filter and unclear,And other issues,Can't actually apply.If a filter aid is added to the solution,Or pre-apply a filter aid on the surface of the filter cloth,Can significantly improve this situation,Fast filtering speed,The filter is clear,The filter slag is relatively tight and can fall off the filter cloth.The most commonly used filter aid in various industries is silica Earth.That is what we often say about the filter aid of the Earth.A new high-efficiency powder filter medium is used as the basic raw material, after pretreatment, sorting, batching, roasting, grading and other continuous closed processing processes.It can fo
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