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Which industrial wastewater treatment and discharge need to pay attention to what issues?

by:Ocpuritech     2021-05-18
What industrial wastewater treatment and discharge needs to pay attention to what the article:? In recent years, rapid industrial development, all kinds of factories where they stand, these plant operations produce waste water every day, in order to protect the environment to prevent the worsening water pollution, local government regulations factory The discharged waste water must be treated and reach the discharge standard before it can be discharged. For the following industries, the discharged wastewater needs to be treated with emphasis. 1. Treatment of waste water after metal smelting Waste water after metal smelting contains a large amount of suspended solids, which is waste water with a lot of pollutants, so you must consider this when purchasing wastewater treatment equipment. 2. Wastewater from mechanical processing. When selecting equipment, it is also necessary to focus on the ability of wastewater treatment equipment to treat mechanical processing wastewater. The waste water produced by mechanical processing contains many metal ion waste liquid and washing waste water. These metal ions are highly toxic in nature and have a wide range of effects. If not paid attention, they may cause poisoning. 3. Waste water produced by chemical companies has complex chemical products, and the discharged waste water is diverse, most of which are highly toxic and difficult to be purified. They have a certain accumulation effect in organisms and have obvious oxygen-consuming properties in water bodies. , It is easy to cause deterioration of water quality, so it needs to be treated. 4. Wastewater from papermaking Wastewater from the papermaking industry is one of the more waste water treated after the purchase of wastewater treatment equipment. The non-fibrous part discharged from the papermaking industry will become papermaking black liquor. These black liquors contain odorous and highly polluting substances, which require treatment to reduce environmental pollution. In addition to the above-mentioned four industrial waste water, the food industry waste water is also relatively difficult to treat. In fact, as long as you choose the right equipment manufacturer and buy good wastewater treatment equipment, these problems will be solved. Environmentally friendly wastewater zero discharge company is a good choice, and users are welcome to come and buy.
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