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Which systems consist of marine desalination equipment?

by:Ocpuritech     2021-03-21
Which systems consist of marine desalination equipment? Author: Whether it is desalination, or brackish water desalination, water pretreatment reverse osmosis system is the key to long-term stable operation of the guarantee. When formulating a seawater pretreatment plan, full consideration should be given to the existence of a large number of microorganisms, bacteria and algae in the seawater. The proliferation of bacteria and algae and the growth of microorganisms in seawater will not only bring a lot of trouble to water intake facilities, but also directly affect the normal operation of seawater desalination equipment and process pipelines. The materials of equipment, valves, and pipe fittings used in the system must be screened to a certain extent, and the corrosion resistance should be good. Sea water sterilization and algae removal. Foreign marine desalination equipment mostly uses chemical reagents such as liquid chlorine, NaClO and CuSO4 to sterilize and kill algae. Taking into account various factors such as traffic, it is difficult to add chemical reagents to sterilize and kill algae. In the development process of this project equipment, a seawater sodium hypochlorite generator is specially used. After the seawater intake pump, a small stream of pressurized seawater is separated into the sodium hypochlorite generator, and NaClO is produced under the action of a direct current electric field, which is directly injected into the caisson on the beach to kill bacteria, algae and microorganisms in the seawater. Coagulation filtration Coagulation filtration aims to remove colloidal and suspended impurities in seawater and reduce turbidity. In order to reduce the seawater pretreatment system and instantaneous load, and improve the water recovery rate, a gas-liquid backwash system with reverse osmosis concentrated water as the filter backwash water is set up. Related recommendation: What are the areas of marine desalination treatment? Environmental desalination equipment companies actively participate in market competition with advanced science and technology, and gradually form industrialization and scale. We are specialized in small-scale marine desalination equipment, portable desalination equipment, etc. At the same time, we will also provide you with reasonable prices for small-scale marine desalination equipment. Welcome new and old customers to come and consult.
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