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Why should the integrated desalination equipment put in professional chemicals?

by:Ocpuritech     2021-07-05
Why should the integrated desalination equipment put in professional reagents? Author: Desalination refers to the removal of salt sea water, fresh water produced in the process. In the process of fresh water formation, the generator set will produce concentrated water with a high salt content, which will inevitably lead to fouling and foaming. Seawater desalination affects the normal operation of the equipment and reduces the service life. This requires the addition of corresponding agents in the water for treatment, and the organisms in the water also need to be killed in advance. Desalination agents are the general term for special chemical agents. The main types include scale inhibitors, defoamers, and bactericides. In the process of seawater desalination, it plays a role in preventing scaling on the surface of equipment, eliminating foam and killing organisms. Under the existing technical conditions, the seawater desalination project has strong reliance on special agents for seawater desalination. In the process of seawater desalination, the concentration of seawater will produce a large amount of incompatible inorganic salts, such as CaCO3 and CaSO4. These inorganic salts will produce a large amount of scale on the surface of the reverse osmosis membrane and pipelines, which will affect the water purification process, so certain agents need to be added . Adding H2SO4 to adjust the pH value of seawater to decompose HCO-3 in the seawater to prevent CaCO3 precipitation. This method is commonly used in seawater desalination, and it is also the most economical method. (NaPO3)6(SHMP) can also be added, which is an effective method to prevent CaSO4 precipitation. However, this method will produce by-products and promote the growth of microorganisms, bacteria, and algae, so it has certain limitations. Considering the overall equipment operating cost, H2SO4 is generally used as a scale inhibitor to control the PH value of the reverse osmosis system between 6.8 and 7.0 to ensure the stable operation of seawater desalination equipment. The above is the information of the integrated desalination equipment provided by the environmental protection company. We also provide the price of the integrated desalination equipment. Users are welcome to come to consult.
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