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Working principle and process flow of deionized water equipment

by:Ocpuritech     2021-05-23
Works deionized water equipment and processes author of the article: As the name suggests, deionized water equipment, mainly the anions and cations in water, through certain technical means to eliminate, so that the raw water into water suitable for industrial production. Deionized water equipment is generally prepared by using advanced EDI processing technology, and the purification rate can be as high as 90%.  As we all know, water in nature generally contains dissolved substances such as sodium, calcium, magnesium, chloride, nitrate, bicarbonate, etc. These compounds are composed of anions and cations. When the raw water passes through the reverse osmosis membrane, the reverse osmosis membrane will intercept more than 90% of the anions and cations. The general range of the electrical resistivity of RO pure water (EDI feed water) is 0.05-1.0MΩ·cm, that is, the conductivity range is 20 -1μS/cm. According to the application, the resistivity of deionized water is generally in the range of 5-18MΩ·cm. In addition, raw water may also include other trace elements, dissolved gases (such as CO2) and some weak electrolytes (such as boron, silicon dioxide), so the role of EDI deionized water equipment is to remove the electrolyte (including weak dielectric) process, Increase the resistivity of water from 0.05-1.0MΩ·cm to 5-18MΩ·cm.  Deionized water equipment process flow    Under normal circumstances, the process flow of deionized water equipment is mainly divided into three types, respectively as follows. 1. Pretreatment → reverse osmosis → intermediate water tank → water pump → EDI device → purified water tank → pure water pump → ultraviolet sterilizer → polished mixed bed → precision filter → water object 2. pretreatment → primary reverse osmosis → dosing machine ( PH adjustment) → intermediate water tank → second stage reverse osmosis (positive charge reverse osmosis membrane) → pure water tank → pure water pump → EDI device → ultraviolet sterilizer → precision filter → water object 3. pretreatment → reverse osmosis → intermediate water tank →Water pump→EDI device→Pure water tank→Pure water pump→Ultraviolet sterilizer→Precision filter→Water object With the progress of industry, the application of pure water equipment will become more and more extensive. At present, deionized water equipment has been widely used Used in food, biological, pharmaceutical and electroplating industries.   The above is an introduction to the principle and process flow of deionized water equipment. If you don't understand, please come to consult the editor of environmental protection, and we will serve you wholeheartedly.
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