Xiamen International Water Show returns to the national 300+ water purification industry dealers on

Xiamen International Water Show returns to the national 300+ water purification industry dealers on-site interaction

by:Ocpuritech     2019-04-29

The 2nd China Xiamen International Water Exhibition and End Water Purification and Membrane Technology and Application Expo (referred to as Xiamen International Water Exhibition) will return to Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center from March 22nd to March 24th.

Under the background of the “Belt and Road” initiative, we invite the world's “water people” to gather in the brick and tile Xiamen, and share the international trade procurement exchange event with the theme of “Haizhi Road·Shuimei China·Technology Leading·Innovative Development”. .

Asian water show, clear and clear one-stop service for exhibition area planning

This exhibition introduces two major hot industries, membrane technology and smart water, which are divided into five major exhibition areas: the end water purification exhibition area, the water industry accessories exhibition area, the water treatment exhibition area, the membrane technology and application exhibition area, and the intelligent manufacturing exhibition area. The vision of continuous development creates a beautiful China. Strong alliance, China Science and Technology Promotion Association joined forces.

China International Science and Technology Promotion Association Water and Air Purification Professional Committee joined forces to jointly hold the 2nd Asian International Water Purification Industry Summit Forum with Xiamen International Water Exhibition to create an authoritative department policy release and industry interpretation conference, a big coffee The gathering of dry goods, a dimensional revolution in the era of water purification industry service.

The arrival of industry associations from the United States, Poland, Denmark, Australia, Nigeria, India, Cambodia, Thailand, the Philippines and other countries will surely present a wonderful international exchange dialogue on water purification industry. The Asian International Water Purification Industry Summit Forum will definitely create another new highs.

Water purification industry 'CQC' 'Uc' preferred double certification system promotion conference

The China Quality Certification Center and the China Academy of Inspection and Quarantine jointly interpret the “CQC” and “Uc” preferred double certification systems for the water purification industry, and the first batch of “CQC” and “Uc” dual-label quality system certification awards for Chinese water purification industry. .

Dealer conference, cross-industry cooperation, a new direction

Gathered in the national 300+ water purification industry dealers close interaction, the water purification market 2019 break the seminar, with professional strength to build billion-level agents. The cross-border cooperation forum, youth innovation work committee, health industry alliance, education equipment, catering and kitchen and other cross-border cooperation, a new direction of the water purification industry.

Big coffee gathering, sharing today's harvest tomorrow

Suning Helps Joint Insurance Strategic Cooperation Signing Ceremony, Yikou Water Purification Surprise New Products, National Inspection Safety Evaluation (Beijing) Medical Research Institute Water Products Health and Safety Popularization, Xiamen Membrane School Industry Exchange, American AWA, Haier, Midea, Angel, Representatives from enterprises such as Gion, AO Smith, Haoze, and Philips talked about the hot topic of water purification.

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